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Rodeo Ring Torched in Chile

Received anonymously: On September 7, an incendiary attack was carried out against the infrastructure of the Olmué rodeo ring in the Cajón Grande sector in the fifth region of Valparaiso. There were no injuries or arrests. No pamphlets were found at the site and so far no group has claimed the action. Spanish: Atentado incendiario …

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Cages and Pens Smashed at Shooting Estate in Cornwall (UK)

Reported by Unoffensive Animal: 17th September, Cornwall According to a report from a family member within the shooting estate, thousands of pounds worth of damage were caused at two locations by anti badger cull activists. After smashing badger cages, anti cull activists broke two release pens, got rid of multiple electric fences and took feeders and …

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Pig, Turkeys Rescued (France)

Reported by 269Life Libération Animale: « MALCOM » / Official video of the liberation of Malcom (a pig who has been rescued from a french slaughterhouse by the association 269Life Libération Animale). After rescuing 15 turkeys from the Corico slaughterhouse in Monsols (France) on the 24th of august, the association 269Life Libération Animale led a new …

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Badger Freed from Trap in UK

Reported by Liverpool Hunt Sabs: This is one badger the killers will not be getting their hands on.   This is one badger the killers will not be getting their hands on. The badger cull is well and truly under way, consider supporting our work in protecting badgers: #StopTheCull #badgercull Posted by Liverpool Hunt Sabs …

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Hunting Lodges Burned, Towers Destroyed by Swedish ALF (Anti-Hunt Division)

Received anonymously: Several hunting lodges burned down and several hunting towers destroyed in northern Sweden. /ALF anti-hunt division

Chickens Liberated in Canada

Reported by The Light Movement: Liberated from slaughter!!! Bearing witness at the murderhouse gates Two Lives Saved ▪️Liberated from slaughter!!!▪️🔥Bearing witness at the murderhouse gates🔥 ▪️Two Lives Saved▪️ Posted by The Light Movement on 31. ágúst 2017

Hunting Club Sabotaged in Prevalle (Italy), 200 Birds Freed

Received anonymously: During the night of September 2-3, windows were broken and furniture destroyed at a hunting club in Prevalle (Brescia). In addition, cages were opened, freeing 200 quail and partridges!

ALF Topples 50 (Fifty!) Hunting Towers in Sweden

Received anonymously: 50 hunt towers destroyed in south west Sweden in solidarity with the moose and against the bloody moose hunt that starts now. Hunts are cunts / ALF

Piglet Liberated by ALF in North UK

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: August 2017, North UK 3 ALF activists enter a pig farm in the north of England and liberate an 8 week old piglet from suffering. Her brothers and sisters won’t be as lucky as her. She now gets to live her life out safe at the far end of the country.

Thousands of Salmon Released from Cages in Sweden

Received anonymously: In Dalarna, Sweden: 29/8. Thousands of salmon were released from their cages in the ocean/river as the nets were destroyed. Aquatic animals are often forgotten; little empathy exists for their plight. Their massacre is enormous; we do not hear their cries but the suffering and agony in the cages is enormous. Fish are …

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Swedish Mink Insurrection (Smaland)

Received anonymously:   MINK INSURRECTION IN SMALAND On the night between Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 August, thousands of minks got assistance in their escape from a prison, a minkfarm. A hundred something of them moved by getting transported directly to the forest, where they for the first time could feel solid ground beneath their paws. …

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2 Sheep Rescued by ALF (UK)

Received anonymously: HIT REPORT – NORTH OF ENGLAND, AUGUST. ALF entered a farm in the middle of night and liberated two 6 month old sheep destined for slaughter just one week later. These sheep will now live their lives free from harm in an undisclosed location. SOLIDARITY TO ALL ALF WARRIORS. UNTIL EVERY CAGE IS …

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Fur Shop Visited by ALF (Sweden)

Received anonymously: A fur & leather store was visited by the A.L.F on the night of august 9. This is the 7th attack in 1 month. The same night the owners house also got a visit; windows smashed, two cars was destroyed, letters received (with bullets in them) and paint was thrown at the house/cars …

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Salmon Liberated in Stockholm (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Outside Stockholm, Sweden: Thousands of salmons where released from their cages in the ocean as the nets where destroyed. Fish are friends, not food.

Baby Chicken Saved in Czech Republic

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): “Open rescue XXXIII (July 2017) My friend told me that she lives in a flat with a huge terrace and that she could give a home to a duck or a chicken as her flatmate. So we went out for one chick. As many times before …

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