Swedish ALF Sabotages Animal Abusers’ Cars

Received anonymously:

Stockholm, Sweden:
The cars of animal abusers (cow murderers and rapists) were re-painted,
making their dirty business a little more transparent.
Red paint was also placed at the cars door handles, to remind them that
they have blood on their hands – literally.

In Solidarity with Richii Klinsmeister, Swedish animal rights activist, who
soon will be imprisoned for speaking up againgst fur farming in sweden.

He is accused of speaking in a megaphone, at a demo against the mink farmer
Niclas Pettersson in Glommen, which the police called ‘assault’. This
accusation was only made to get him ‘out of the way’, because the farmer
viewed him as ‘dangerous’, (read effective). He did not commit real

This was a conspiracy put through by the corrupt Swedish cop Jesper Koch
(both an active hunter and an open supporter of the swedish racist party –
that support the swedish fur industry). The cop Jesper is known to be a
childhood friend of the mink farmer Niclas Pettersson, that Richii is
accused of ‘assaulting’.

Please Support Richii in anyway you can while he is in prison, by sending
letters, books, money, or doing direct actions of solidarity!

Untill all are free

/Djurens Befrielsefront
Swedish ALF