Sabotage at Guelph University Swine Research Site (Canada)

Anonymous activists documented conditions inside the University of Guelph Swine Research Site (413 Arkell Road, Guelph, Ontario) in late April. A claim of responsibility, photos and video were released by KW Animal Save:

These individuals were in the lowest acceptable standards. The pigs cried out for help and some were foaming at the mouth. The smell was atrocious and their screams will haunt us forever. It broke our hearts to have to leave them there while they suffered. They called out to us for help as they stared at us with desperation. All we could do was record and share the footage with the public. It disturbs us that students work in these filthy facilities and are exposed to these barabaric practices. Violence should not be normalized. We did not break into this facility. The door was unlocked. After hearing the cries of these individuals and seeing the despair in their eyes, we spraypainted the wall with ‘STOP EXPLOITING ANIMALS’ and stole all the metal prods we could find. We wish we could have done more for them. Please share their stories.