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4 Ducks Rescued in UK, Duck Farm Sabotaged

Received anonymously: Action taken at duck farm in Northwest UK. Four ducks taken and re-homed from ‘free range’ duck farm. All doing well at their new home. Damage done and footage of conditions gathered.

Cat Rescued by ALF

Received anonymously (translation): November 26. We rescued a cat who was living in terrible conditions, without food or water, condemned to a painful death. Now, far from that hell, the cat can live free, happy, without fear of suffering because of stupid humans. Animal Liberation Front Spanish: 26 de Noviembre. Hemos liberado un gatx que …

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ALF Liberated Pig in UK

Received anonymously: In the moonlight on the night of Saturday 19th November 2016 this young Pig was liberated by ALF activists in the UK from a miserable life of starvation in appalling conditions. Too weak and exhausted to walk to our waiting vehicle he collapsed several times and had to be carried for most of the …

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Saboteurs Attack Hunting Estate in UK

In an anonymous communique sent to “Stop the Cull” the group calling itself “Saboteurs Against Shooting” made it clear they had tipped over, emptied and destroyed many of the estates hundreds of pheasant and partridge feed barrels. They’d also spent a number of hours using traditional and not so traditional methods of moving the birds …

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ALF Destroys Hunting Towers in Gloucestershire (UK)

Hunting towers were taken down by the ALF in North Cotswolds (Gloucestershire) in mid-November.

ALF Liberates 3 Ferrets in UK

Received anonymously: 14th November 2016 Three ferrets liberated in the South East UK. Three ferrets used for rabbiting liberated from a domestic environment. Found in terrible conditions and walking on their own faeces. So called owner was ‘advised’ to not keep any more animals in those conditions. All of them now rehomed and enjoying freedom. …

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Rabbit Liberated in Memory of Barry Horne

Santiago, Chile: A rabbit was liberated in memory of Barry Horne, 15 years after his death (11/05/2016). The rabbit was freed from a farm where it was kept in a cage of approx. 40x30cm. Claim of responsibility (Spanish): Santiago, Chile: Liberado un conejo en memoria de Barry Horne a 15 años de su muerte (05/11/2016) …

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Hunting Area Sabotaged in Spain

anonymous report (translation by Earth First! Journal): DEFEND THE EARTH! Let us defend the Earth from those wish to privatize it, let’s defend the Earth from those who think it belongs to them, let’s defend the Earth from those who wish to destroy it! We do not want to see how something which cannot belong …

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Mobile Slaughter Unit Sabotage in Portland, Oregon

Received anonymously: Earlier this week, a corrosive chemical was poured into the fuel tank of a mobile slaughter unit in SE Portland (14649 SE Market Ct). This action was undertaken to directly disrupt the operations of this company from carrying out the contract killing of cows and pigs. Animal agriculture is an inherently violent system …

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3rd Hunting Action This Month: ALF Sabotages Hunters’ Vehicles in Genoa (Italy)

Translation of anonymous report, from October 9, 2016. In the early hours of the morning, the Animal Liberation Front sabotaged 7 cars of hunters in Genoa, Italy. The tires were punctured and the bodywork attacked with acid. This is the third action against hunting in a month. Italian: “9 de octubre de 2016 ,en …

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ALF Liberates 100 Hens in South West of England

Received anonymously: 100 hens liberated from a farm in the south west of England in solidarity with all comrades fighting the badger cull. All birds now safe from abuse for the rest of their lives. ALF

Numerous ALF and ELF Actions in Santiago and Arauco Province (Chile)

In a joint statement, ALF and ELF cells claimed responsibility for a number of actions in September in Santiago and Arauco Province, including: locks glued at butcher shops, a slaughterhouse splashed with paint and the words ‘Animal Liberation’ left behind, and anti-vivisection slogans painted at pharmacies. Claim of responsibility (Spanish): “Por medio de este comunicado …

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5 Hens Liberated, Czech Republic

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): “My name is Lukáš Krása and I decided to switch to direct actions (rescue). In following text, I will briefly describe my reasons and direct rescue process. When we reach the place, we deploy as planned and wait for connection. Once the patrols notify …

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Rabbit Liberated from University Laboratory by Student in Argentina

Received Anonymously (translation): I am a student at the National University of La Plata and I live here with the daily horrors, made evident in recent years through shocking images, seeing the torture directly, the murder and how they turn animals into ‘things.’ I believed that there was no one who knew about these things, …

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15 Hunting Towers Destroyed, Magpies Liberated in France

Received Anonymously (translation): On September 10, in the South East of France, a team of activists destroyed 15 hunting towers. Later that night magpies were released from an aviary. Until all the cages are opened! French: Le 10 Septembre, dans le sud est de la france, une équipe d’activistes à détruit 15 miradors. Plus tard …

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