Traps Destroyed, Crows Freed in Norfolk (UK)

Received anonymously:

On 24th April we visited Hilborough House in Norfolk, home ofthe Van Cutsem family. A national call-out for mass trespasses to celeberate the Kinder Scout mass trespass was described by Countryside Alliance thicko Tim Bonner as ‘blatant anarchism’. He wasn’t wrong.

We did away with two ladder traps, a larsen trap, a stink pit with five snares, a fox trap and nine Tully traps. Seven crows also made good their escape. This was our second trip: our first several months ago led to the removal of a different stink pit and five snares.

The news on 23rd April reported someone had shot a red kite and hung it from a tree in the neighbouring village of Cockley Cley. We know this wasn’t a coincidence.

This was for the red kite, the Kinder Scout trespassers, and all those resisting the new crime bill.