ALF Hacks Italian Hunting Federation Website (Italy)

Received anonymously from Frente de Liberación Animal: The official website of the Italian Hunting Federation <> has been hacked by the Animal Liberation Front.

Two Turkeys Liberated, Rat Traps Destroyed, Locks Glued (East Anglia, UK)

Received anonymously: Two turkeys liberated from a farm in East Anglia. Rat traps destroyed. Dead bins tagged & locks glued. Both these girls have been found to be suffering with gape worm, and one has an injury to the foot causing her to limp. They are in a safe place now where they’ll be free …

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“Eco-fascists” Charged with Arson on a Mink Farm (Sweden)

Henrik Lilja Rönnquist ProjektSanning The two accused have a connection to violent right-wing extremism and ecofascism Two young men have been charged with arson on a mink farm in Sölvesborg in Blekinge. In October last year, it started to burn heavily on a mink farm in Sölvesborg municipality in Blekinge. The building burned to the ground and …

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A hunter was fatally shot in Minnesota by another hunter when he was mistaken for a deer

And now for some Christmas cheer…. By Lauren M. Johnson, CNN (CNN)A man hunting in Minnesota last week was fatally shot when another hunter mistook him for a deer. The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that it received a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Red Lake Tribal Police on November 25 that they …

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Hunting Tower Destroyed in Serbia

Received anonymously: One Hunter tower broken. For a world without hunters. 29.11.2020. Serbia.

Hunter-Priest Harrassed in Wisconsin, Tree Stands Vandalized (USA)

According to local media reports, Father Jordan Neek, living in St. Norbert Abbey, 1016 N Broadway, De Pere, WI 54115, United States, has been repeatedly harassed since starting hunting in the grounds of the Abbey. The police report of the incident explains that his hunting seat was vandalised, trees were spray painted and trail cams …

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7 Turkeys Rescued in Midlands (UK)

Received anonymously: We’re back. We’re back and we are taking the turkeys. 7 turkeys were liberated from a free range organic turkey farm. Fuck your welfare standards, killing is killing and we ain’t letting it happen. These turkeys were already ‘sold’, already marked for somebody’s Christmas dinner, kept to grow fatter until the fast approaching …

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Lamb Freed from a Farm in Quebec (Canada)

Received anonymously: November 21, 2020. A Lamb was freed from a farm in Quebec, Canada. Now he is free in a sanctuary!

Hunting Towers Dismantled in Quebec (Canada)

Received anonymously: November, Quebec, Canada. On a cold night, we decided to dismantle 4 hunting towers we had previously spotted a few kilometers from the city. We hope to send a clear message to the animal killers and inspire more anti-speciesist comrades to take action in the field. Wild animals need us. Everybody can operate …

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ALF Destroys 13 Hunting Stands in Germany

Via local media: According to local media, four hunting towers were set alight in Gödenstorf during the evening of the 22nd November, causing a total damage of 5000 EUR. On the 19th, in Viernheim, nine more towers were destroyed, legs sawn off, ladders broken or overturned. Some of them had been tagged with ALF.

Ireland signals likely end to fur farming with cull of 120,000 mink

Politico BY SHAWN POGATCHNIK Dublin’s efforts to suppress the spread of the coronavirus are spurring an early end to the trade. DUBLIN — Ireland is ordering the nation’s three mink farms to cull all of their 120,000 animals, signaling a likely end to Irish fur farming after years of debate and delay. Mink farming became an …

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Butcher Shop Covered with Paint in Toulouse (France)

Received anonymously: A butcher shop in Toulouse was covered in red paint and painted slogans (“le coronavirus tue moins que le boucher” = “coronavirus kills less than the butcher”) during the night of November 16-17.

ALF Liberates 2 Calves (UK)

Received anonymously: The countryside is full of scum and death. After finding and destroying badger cages around a particular farm in Somerset we decided to get a closer look. Right next to the house we found two calves dumped like rubbish in the mud with a load of other discarded items. Shivering, malnourished and covered …

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Campaigners Call for Fur Trade to End as Millions of Mink Culled

Newsweek BY BASIT MAHMOOD While news of the decision to gas and burn 17 million mink in Denmark to halt the spread of a COVID-19 mutation from humans to animals made global headlines, what has often been missed is that the mink would have been killed regardless because of demand for their fur. The only difference …

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Pig Liberated from Farm in East Anglia (UK)

Received anonymously: Pig liberated from farm in East Anglia UK. 7TH November 2020 Until every cage is empty.