10 Chickens Liberated (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously: At the end of this year, around midnight, we are inspecting the selected object with a group. We see a car inside the compound, we don’t mind, we go in, we go get them.  We get the radios ready and test the signal with the patrol. Last check, we go in. We open …

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Eco-activist and former international fugitive Joseph Dibee pleads guilty in 1997 Oregon arson

By Conrad Wilson (OPB) Prosecutors say Dibee was a member of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, which the U.S. Department of Justice has held responsible for acts of domestic terrorism. An environmental and animal rights activist pleaded guilty Thursday to decades-old federal arson charges, including involvement in a 1997 central Oregon fire that destroyed …

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ALF Liberates 10 Chickens (Germany)

Received anonymously: Germany Sunday night 17.04. 2022. The A.L.F. save 10 chickens from hell on an intensive farm

ALF Sabotages 10 Hunting Towers (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: Netherlands. 18.04.2022 The A.L.F. sabotages 10 hunting towers and saves wildlife

Lessons of radical activism from the animal rights movement

Opinion Piece By Dusan Pajovic DiEM25.orgActivism Animal Rights Dusan Pajovic takes a look at some of the methods used by the animal rights movement and whether they could be applied to other activist causes  The Animal Rights (AR) movement is one of the fastest growing social justice movements in history. There are now a number of groups …

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30 Rabbits Liberated During Demo at Fur Farm (UK)

Received anonymously: OVER THE HEDGE WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT! Op Easter Bunny, 17th April 2022 When we heard that the Rutland rabbits at the T&S Farm had been found we decided to join the surprise demo. The idea was simple, come dressed in black with animal carriers, on Easter Sunday, and stage a demo …

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The Animal Rights Militia (Anonymous Submission)

After the Animal Rights Militia sent a communique threatening those involved in the badger cull in Ireland, some people had questions. Many of those questions require a lot of nuances to be answered, but a reader decided to send over a little overview of who the Animal Rights Militia is, which you can read in …

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ALF Sabotages 18 Hunting Towers (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium 3 April 2022 in memory a Tom Worby. The A.L.F. Saves wild Lives and sabotaged 18 hunting towers

Hunting Towers Sabotaged (Rheinland, Germany)

22nd March, Rheinland Germany According to local police, multiple towers in Rheinland were vandalized. The activists sawed down the stairs used to climb to the top of the stand, leaving very little trace, for them to break when a hunter were to climb up. No one was injured after the action as someone realized the …

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30 Hunting Stands Destroyed (France)

8th April, La Hogette, France. According to local media, the hunting association in la Hogette (Calvados) has filed a complaint with the gerndarmerie due to thirty hunting stands being sawed down and destroyed in their grounds. They claim that the hunting stands are a safety measure in order to shoot downwards to kill wild boar. …

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Hunting Towers Destroyed (Germany)

April, Thuringia Germany According to local press reports, a hunting tower in Thuringia was destroyed by two people, causing around 100 EUR worth of damage. The police is investigating if the damages are related to other hunting towers and seats that were destroyed in the past months in the same area.

Thousands of Hen’s Eggs Destroyed, Machinery Sabotaged (Denmark)

Received anonymously: Activists went to a farm to invesitgate and document the conditions of egg laying hens. After witnessing the horrendous conditions the animals live under, they discovered a storage of eggs on the farm. The machines for packing eggs were sabotaged and the storage of thousands of eggs was completely destroyed.

50 Deer Liberated from Hunting Farm (Florida, USA)

Received anonymously: On March 27th, 2022, 50 whitetail deer were given access to freedom by dismantling the electric fence and cutting the deer fence that confined them at Sweetwater deer farm in Bristol, Florida. We watched as at least 20 of them escaped into the night, and it was a beautiful sight. Let the wild …

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Hambacher Forst Assembly Announced (Germany)

What? An anarchist, antispeciesist and horizontally organised gathering When? End of July. Where? Hambacher Forst (so called Germany) CHAOS AND RAGE, SMASH EVERY CAGE BORDERLESS CALL: JOIN US IN THE HAMBACHER FOREST FOR A GATHERING FOR ANIMAL LIBERATION! In the factory farms and vivisection labs, our nonhuman comrades are already fighting back. The time is ripe …

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Ukranian Animal Liberation Prisoner Maxim Plokhoi Weighs in on War (Ukraine)

News from the trial of Maksim Plokhoi: Due to martial law, the last court session was held remotely via videoconference. The prosecutor asked the court to extend the detention of the defendant in prison. In response, Maxim made a statement: “For the second year, officials of the system have been claiming that I am a …

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