Mouse, 8 Worms Liberated from Pet Shop (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously: Our brothers and sisters, who are imprisoned in pet shops and reduced to mere commodities are pretty much forgotten. We managed to rescue 1 mouse and 8 worms. Still, we are sorry that we were not able to free all of them, but at least these creatures have had their lives changed. They …

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Bear Hunt Infrastructure Attacked (Sweden)

Received anonymously: In solidarity with the hunt saboteurs who defended the bears in the Woods, a gang of anonymous activists crashed the bear hunt in Sweden. Among other things: vandalizing a shooting range, destroying hunting towers, and sending personal messages, both to the hunting organisation, and to individual hunters: “STOP KILLING BEARS!”. – UNTIL ALL …

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Grupo de Respuesta Animal Burns Meat Packing Plant (Chile)

Received anonymously: Most of all I regret my restraint, because regardless of the damage we caused to those businesses, if those farms are still open, if even one animal was left behind, then it wasn’t enough. I do not intend to rid myself of the consequences of these acts by begging for mercy or appealing …

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ALF Sabotages Hunting Towers (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Since hunters are also active at night and the hunting season has officially started on 15-10, we wish all fellow activists a lot of wisdom and safety.

Crabs Liberated by ALF (Annapolis, Maryland, USA)

Received anonymously (delayed report): Hi! I am writing to you to “submit” an official action that I and one other person did on behalf of the ALF. On June 6th, 2021 at Cantlers Riverside Inn in Annapolis, Maryland, we freed a crate full of crabs who were about to be killed. We dumped them back …

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An underground cell, eco-terrorists, and environmentalists: a former fugitive shares his story in ‘Burn Wild’

Pod Sauce For over 10 years, two of America’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists topped the FBI’s list for leading an eco-terrorist movement in 2005. The FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director identified these 2 individuals as a “domestic terror priority” in America. Since then, 1 former fugitive, Joseph Dibee, has been found. In BBC Radio 5 live’s podcast …

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More Graffiti at Malta’s Dolphin Park

‘Let Us Be Free, Empty The Tanks’: More Graffiti Shows Up Outside Malta’s Dolphin Park By Sasha Vella Lovin Malta A new set of hard-hitting graffiti has popped up leading to Malta’s marine park in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq. Photographs of the freshly painted graffiti were anonymously submitted to Lovin Malta, this time telling people “welcome to dolphin …

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The AVA Summit Bans Press Office, Issues Statement on Their Welfarism

Since the Animal Liberation Press Office announcement was issued below, the head organizer of the AVA Summit Julia Reinelt has issued a statement in reply. Here are our comments on her pertinent points. “…all tactics, including animal sanctuaries, civil disobedience, and personal transformation, will be welcomed to discuss in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Violence and …

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Hunt Sabotage in Germany

Received anonymouslyl: Before and after photos of our forest walk. Grüsse aus Deustchland

Rabbits Liberated From a Farm (France)

Received anonymously: LET’S OPEN THE HUTCHES OF THE WORLD! Small hutches or large camps, a stolen freedom is a stolen life. No matter the size of the concentration camp, imprisonment is an abomination, we have the duty to open them all! Before their programmed murder… Let’s free the mothers and their babies and prevent the …

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Vegan Activist Maxim Plokhoi Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison (Ukraine)

September 29, 2022: The prosecutor asked for 15 years. Maxim replied him with a poster: “Pilate, you are wrong.” When the sentence was announced, Maxim said: “Don’t put the truth in jail. Long live the Anti-System! Legal terrorists, have your prison soap to wash your life from blood and lies. Killing people begins with killing …

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ALF Liberates 24 Chickens (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: 24.09. The A.L.F. saves 18 brown chickens & 6 white chickens in two different intensive farms In the Netherlands

Activists Liberate 24 Captive Trout, Smash Equipment in Brittany (France)

Received anonymously: WE CAME BACK FOR THE RAINBOW TROUTS A few months ago, we went to an organic trout farm in Brittany, France. We liberated 16 animals from it in a river. We thought that this was not enough and came back there in the beginning of September. We liberated 24 other trouts from this …

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Activists Smash Pheasant Feeder (Leicestershire, UK)

Received anonymously: While checking in on local wildlife a group of activists came across a whole heap of shotgun pellets and a pheasant feeder. That night the country was hit by fierce storms that damaged the feeder deeming it unusable! Note wherever animals are being killed storms will continue to rage!

Six Meat Trucks, Walk-In Fridge Destroyed at Butchers (Santiago, Chile)

Received anonymously: At dawn, hooded people arrived at a butcher shop belonging to the Susaron chain, in Quilicura. Once there, they threw Molotov cocktails against their trucks and infrastructure. The result of the action was the burning of 6 vehicles and part of the refrigerator of the animal exploitation area. Pamphlets found in the place …

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