Category: North American Communiqués

Forest Laboratories Party Threatened

Communiqué from ALF activists Date: December 06 , 2004 Institution targeted: Forest Laboratories “Cancel the 12/10 Forest Labs party or syrup of ipecac and diarrhea inducing agents will appear in your catering provisions begining Friday afternoon. We will target all town house events this weekend. All additives will be non-lethal and the symptoms non-permanent. however: …

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401 Animals from the University of Iowa Liberated

Communiqué from ALF activists Date: November 18, 2004 Institution targeted: University of Iowa’s Department of Psychology received anonymously: These graphic photographs, removed from laboratories during the recent raid on the University of Iowa, have recently been obtained by the Press Office and are available as larger files upon request. Shown are non-human primates used at …

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Sumitomo (HLS Customer) Employee Has House Painted

Communiqué from ALF activists Date: April 21, 2004 Institution targeted: Sumitomo/HLS received anonymously: “In honor of WWAIL, this poem is dedicated to Mitchell Lardner who we visited during the early hours of April 21 at 464 N. Myrtle in Monrovia, California: Puppy killers we do hate As a Sumitomo employee it was your fate To …

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