HLS Customer MDS Pharma Painted

Communiqué from unknown activists
Date: March 20, 2007
Institution targeted: MDS Pharma

Received anonymously

MDS Pharma hides in Phoenix, AZ on a private road (4747 E. Beautiful Lane) that is anything but its namesake on the inside. They have a 9-month relationship with HLS and we all know how unfit HLS is to be anyone’s mother!

MDS profits locally by recruiting students, seniors, smokers, and other target groups to test products on. An effort was made to inform their clients and unknowing employees about their ties to HLS via a statement scrawled in black permanent marker directly on the unisex bathroom stall wall. While names of staff responsible for MDS’ operations were collected inside the building, the MDS entrance sign was redesigned with a “Kills Animals” tagging.

MDS, your primary competition is Covance and we are actively working to deny them from building in Chandler, AZ because of their cruelty http://www.stopcovance.com. But you’ll only reap the benefits if you show compassion and drop HLS. Until then, the valley of the sun will be warned of your exploits and you will be named & shamed!