HLS Banks and Financial Collaborators Painted

Communiqué from unknown activists
Date: April 10 , 2007
Institution targeted: Huntingdon Life Sciences

Received anonymously

“Montreal, Canada

In the middle of the day, a group of compassionate activists gathered together to pay justice to the scum bags profiting from the animals inside HLS.

3pm, downtown:

We threw about 20 red paint balls on a couple of NYSE and Euronext partners and collaborators banks. While we were at it we saw not far from there a Canadian army recruitment building so we decided to attack them as well. They too have their hands full of blood! We have thrown those paint balls so high that it will stay there a while before they figure out how to get it off!

Too bad suckers!

As long as you will continue to associate with puppy killers, we won’t stop making YOU lose money.”