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Hunting Towers Toppled in Winterthur (Switzerland)

Received anonymously: In July, eight hunting towers were knocked down, and a pro-hunting billboard went missing, in Eschenberg, Winterthur.  

28 Hens Liberated (France)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal (click here for video from the rescue): On the night of July 20th, animal rights activists have rescued 28 hens from a 140,000 laying hens farm. These animals, victims of legal persecution, were subjected to a life of agony: their bodies were mutilated, piled up, compressed, and exploited for their eggs. They are all …

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Open Rescue of Piglet (Czech Republic)

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Open rescue XLIII (June 2018) & Support to those in masks We were here few days ago. We saw a motherfucker in overall screaming ať the sows and we saw that same motherfucker throwing squaling piglet into a friend’s car trunk and his friend leaving with …

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Windows Broken at Cheese Shop in Wambrechies (France)

During the night of July 16-17 several windows were broken and “Stop Speciesism” painted at a cheese store in Wambrechies.

6 Butchers/Fishmongers Attacked in Barcelona

Received anonymously: The past saturday night (14/7/18) 6 butchers/fishmongers were attacked in Sabadell (Barcelona), locks sealed with glue and toothpicks and slogans were painted on the front of the shops. For animal liberation and the end of explotation Spanish: La noche del sábado (14/7/18), fueron boicoteadas 6 carnicerías/pescaderías en Sabadell, las cerraduras fueron selladas con …

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5 Butchers Sabotaged in Monzese and Vimodron (Italy)

Received anonymously During the night of July 10-11, locks were glued and messages painted at five butcher shops in Cologno Monzese and Vimodron, Italy.  

Restaurants Targeted in Sweden

Received anonymously: McDonalds, subway and anything meat related hit in sweden! ‘I do it for the animals, they cant turn a blind eye now’

5 Hunting Towers Destroyed in Vaugneray (France)

Received anonymously: In Vaugneray, France between June 29 and July 1, five hunting towers were destroyed, and “Sadistic Hunters” and “ALF” painted on a cabin used by a hunting club.

Open Rescue of Pig from Slaughterhouse in Belgium

Report by 269 Libération Animale – Belgique on July 4 (click here to view video from the action): Early this morning, more than 70 activists of 269 Libération Animale have entered into the slaughterhouse of Tielt in Belgium in order to release an individual. Following the offensive activism led against the speciesist & initiated by the organization, all the …

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Zoo Graffiti in Sweden

Received anonymously: Swedish zoo keepers think that they are heroes for locking in innocent beings when they really are just as bad as the nazists was at Auschwitz. Lets remind them about that

McDonald’s Targeted in Sweden

Received anonymously: McDonald’s hit in Sweden. Not even McVegan can save McDonald’s.    

Another Butcher Shop Attacked in France

The glass door to a butcher shop in Yvelines was smashed on the night of July 1. The slogan “Stop Speciesism” was painted on the window. “By the time I arrived in my shop, there was no one there, I found bricks on the floor and a tag on the window,” the butcher told local …

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18 Chickens Liberated from Backyard Breeder (UK)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: 18 chickens liberated from a backyard breeder. Very poor barren living conditions without acess to food, water or any sort of enrichment They are all now in lovely new homes and will live out the rest of their lives how chickens deserve to with plenty of dust baths, fresh food and …

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McDonald’s Sabotaged with Graffiti in Santiago (Chile)

Received anonymously, from (translation): In Santiago, the Animal Liberation Front sabotaged a McDonald’s with graffiti. A warning that we do not tolerate cruelty to animals. And we will not stop until the animals are free.   Spanish: En Santiago de Chile, el frente de liberación animal ha saboteado un Mcdonalds con pintadas en sus estructuras. Advirtiendo …

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Hunting Towers Destroyed in Örebro (Sweden)

Received anonymously (click here for video from the actions): Hunting towers destroyed in Örebro Sweden.