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Three Chickens Liberated from Slaughterhouse (UK)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: 10th January, North UK 3 chickens liberated from a slaughterhouse in the north of England.

ALF Liberates Turkey from Slaughterhouse (UK)

Received anonymously: ALF liberate ex breeding ‘stock’ turkey from a slaughterhouse, whisked away to a life of freedom away from harm.

ALF Liberates Ten Chickens (UK)

Received anonymously: On New Year’s Day the ALF entered a chicken facility in the north of England and liberated 10 chickens from a life of suffering and misery. The ALF started 2018 the same way they want to end it, with animal liberation. Get active. Take action. Empty all cages.

Four Baby Chickens Liberated (Phillipines)

Received anonymously: December 30, 2017 Philippines 4 baby chicks liberated from a dirty and rusty cage at poultry keeper’s property. They are now under the care of compassionate hearts and will not be raised for human consumption ever again.

ALF Vandalizes Hunting Cabin (Lagosanto, Italy)

Received anonymously: On the night of December 29-30, the ALF attacked a lodge belonging to the hunting federation in Lagosanto. Doors, windows, tables, cabinets, kitchen appliances, toilets and bathroom fixtures were damaged. “Murderers”, “Stop the Hunt” and other messages were painted. The president of the federation told local news media, “When I arrived the front …

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ALF Vandalizes Hunting Cabins (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, four hunting cabins in Bolgare (Bergamo) were vandalized during the night of November 18-19. The action was signed by the Animal Liberation Front.

ALF Burns Fishing Boat and Nets (Brazil)

According to an anonymous report on, ALF activists sabotaged an illegal fishing boat off the coast of São Paulo on the night of December 28. The nets and the boat were set on fire.

Open Rescue of Ducks (Czech Republic)

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Open rescue XXXVIII (December 2017) Wet, dirty bedding and stench around the whole facility. The birds are screaming and are just as dirty and smelly as their living space. I hear Lukáš say that it is disgusting. I take out the camera to make few pictures …

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ALF Hacks Hunting Website (France)

An anti-hunting message was added to the website of the Hunting Federation of The Somme. The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the hack.

ALF Rescues Two Piglets (UK)

Received anonymously: The ALF entered a pig farm and liberated two piglets waiting to go to the rearing unit in a few weeks time, by the time they reach slaughter age they would of been destined for peoples barbecues in the form of sausages and pulled pork but instead they were granted a reprieve, just …

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Four Hunting Towers Destroyed in Sweden

Received anonymously: Four hunting towers were destroyed in southern Sweden. Let’s make hunting history! Hunt Saboteurs Sweden HSS  

20 Baby Chickens Liberated by ALF (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously, from December, Midlands UK ALF entered a chicken meat farm during the night and liberate 20 two week olds chicks from a life of suffering before they are slaughtered at 42 days old. These 20 will live a life full of love and freedom, away from the people who wish to bring them …

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ALF Destroys 4 Hunting Towers (Germany)

anonymous report, from; click here for video of the action: 17th December, Hambacher Forest. On our walks outside of the forest we have discovered that a sand and stone mine is allowing hunters to murder animals. Four towers fell today, and not just the towers, but their machinery will be targeted if they allow this murdering behaviour. …

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Duck Liberated in Chile, In Honor of Walter Bond

Received anonymously, from (translation): A new life h   as been rescued, from a horrible place where his life depended on his liberation… Without delay. Images from his release from the box to his beautiful and loving life where he will never see a cage again!!!! All help and support is appreciated. Dedicated to the resistance …

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Hunting Towers Destroyed (Germany)

Received anonymously, from 12th December, Hambacher forest. Hunters are dickheads so every time we stumble upon a new shooting meadow, another shooting tower falls. Those small enough to carry are used as barricades. The rest are left completely useless, sometimes hanging off trees without legs, sometimes laying down like the fallen statues during Columbus Day. …

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