Santa Clause Liberates 18 Chickens (Austria; Video included)

Translation of a report by the Association against Animal Factories (VGT); click here for video and more photos from the rescue:

18 chickens were saved from a farm thanks to anonymous animal rights activists. Photos and video anonymously leaked to VGT shows an animal rescue at a typical barn egg farm in Austria.

The only purpose of life for these captive chickens is to lay eggs for humans. By the thousands they sit on bars, only a narrow strip of sand exists for scratching. Due to the poor conditions, most chickens have lost feathers, some have inflamed areas. The conditions are miserable – this is an average barn egg farm in Austria!

For 18 individuals, however, a miracle has happened this Christmas. They were rescued by anonymous animal rights activists! The images show Santa Claus carefully placing the chickens into a gift box. 18 chickens were saved like that. They will now spend the rest of their days at a sanctuary, where they will never be harmed.

The consumption of eggs supports systems in which animals suffer.

Try this Christmas without animal products – and create a real celebration of love!