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Chilean Butcher Shops Sabotaged by ALF

anonymous report (translation by Earth First! Journal): “…with simple materials we sabotaged the locks so that the owners of this so-called ‘job’ can have it clear in their heads that there are subjects that do not want and do not respect the commercialization of humiliation, suffering and death of animals.” –Javier Recabarren affiliate cell of …

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Zoo Exhibits and Enclosures Damaged in Athens, Georgia

According to local media reports, during the night of July 22-23 exhibits and enclosures were damaged at the Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens, Georgia. Viewing windows were broken, locks, fencing and aviary netting was cut, and “Free the Animals” and other animal liberation messages were painted. (photo: Athens Banner-Herald) The damage allowed several animals to …

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4 More Hunting Towers Destroyed in Alsace-Lorraine (France)

Received anonymously: In North-East France Alsace-Lorraine region, 4 more Hunting towers have been destroyed raising the total this month to 8 towers. Graffiti on them showed ALF signs. Join by individual or collective actions NOW to save some animals from the hunt. French: Dans le nord-est de la France, en région Alsace Lorraine, 4 nouveaux …

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Bomb Hoaxes at Puppy Mills in Czech Republic

Received anonymously (translation): Malá Strana 16, Chotěšice. Municipal office Chotěšice, Chotěšice 29. 28901 Dymokury. Milíčovice 22, Znojmo. Municipal office Milíčovice, Milíčovice 40, 66902. Karlovarská 220, 36301, Ostrov. Municipal office Ostrov, Jáchymovská 1 On early morning July 4th 2016 we reported placing of an explosive at these addresses. There is no explosive at these places though! …

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4 Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Alsace-Lorraine (France)

Received anonymously: 4 Hunting Towers destroyed and burnt in France – July 2016 In North-East France Alsace-Lorraine region, 4 Hunting towers have been burnt and destroyed by local ALF Activists. Graffiti on them showed ALF signs and the message ‘Stop Hunting’ in French and German languages. We’re excited. It’s just the beginning. This summer will …

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Foxes Liberated in Czech Republic

anonymous report, from Jsem pro zákaz norování: Two months ago we reported about foxes that were kept in Agriculture collective Hněvotín. They were held in unacceptable conditions as tools for training of hounds in nearby artificial burrow. The foxes are at this moment at large, they were released. Though not by their ‘owner’. The deed …

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ALF Destroys 5 Hunting Towers in Southern Germany

Received anonymously: In the beginning of June 2016, 5 hunting towers were destroyed in Southern Germany, Baden-Württemberg. With spray paint, ‘ALF’ and ‘hunting is murder’ was written on one of the towers. As local media reported, the damage caused was several thousand Euros. Earlier in 2016 and in 2015, hunting towers have been destroyed in …

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8 Hens Liberated in Czech Republic

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): “Part of our rescue team got out of the car near the location. With bags and tools they disappear into dark. I’m driving with a friend to park the car maybe 3 km away. Later on we slowly go back to the place where …

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16 Rabbits Liberated from Uruguay Farm

anonymous report, from contra info (translation): “Early in the morning of June 14, 16 rabbits were liberated from a farm in the Melilla neighborhood. With pliers and shears in hand we managed to open the way to freedom for all the rabbits who were there and on one of the walls we wrote ‘life is …

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ALF Destroys 12 Hunting Stands in Kiev(Ukraine)

anonymous report, from Green Rainbow (translation): “During the weekend (June 10-12), despite the rainy weather, ALF activists went into the woods near the river in the Borodyansky district of Kiev. It had become known to us that in these parts hunters use towers to shoot wild animals. Forest defenders had stumbled upon a number of …

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ALF Burns Buses Used to Transport Fur Buyers in Finland

ALF activists placed incendiary devices under the tires of buses at a Pohjolan Matka depot in Vantaa, Finland during the night of June 9. Five buses were completely destroyed, and several others damaged. The bus company reported damages of EUR 1.5 million. Pohjolan Matka has transported buyers to the Saga Furs auction house for many …

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Toronto ALF Targets North American Fur Auction

Received anonymously Last week I gained access to the roof top of the North American Fur Auction and sabotaged air conditioning units. I also lit several petrol bombs to send a clear message to those who make their living killing and torturing animals that the times are changing. This action was done in solidarity with …

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Shooting Range Arson by ALF in Germany

The ALF set fire to a shooting range used by hunters in Banteln (Hildesheim) on the night of May 6-7. (photo: Hildesheimer Allgemeinen Zeitung) Full claim of responsibility (German): “alf renoviert schießstand nachdem wir in den vergangenen monaten bereits zwei schliefenanlagen in hildesheim und göttingen besucht hatten, haben wir in der nacht von freitag auf …

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500 Captive Mink Released at Willow Pond Farm, Brant, Ontario

Received anonymously More than 500 mink were released from cages at the Willow Pond Farm (105 Maple Grove Road) in Brant, Ontario early on April 30. The Willow Pond Mink Freedom Movement has claimed responsibility, according to media reports.

43 Hunting Stands Damaged in Germany

Received anonymously A total of 43 hunting seats have been overturned and damaged since the beginning of April near the towns of Wilflingen, Mengen and Riedlingen (Baden-Württemberg). One hunter told a local newspaper, “I assume that the perpetrators have nothing against me personally, but against hunting in general.