Bomb Hoaxes at Puppy Mills in Czech Republic

Received anonymously (translation):

Malá Strana 16, Chotěšice.
Municipal office Chotěšice, Chotěšice 29. 28901 Dymokury.

Milíčovice 22, Znojmo.
Municipal office Milíčovice, Milíčovice 40, 66902.

Karlovarská 220, 36301, Ostrov.
Municipal office Ostrov, Jáchymovská 1

On early morning July 4th 2016 we reported placing of an explosive at these addresses. There is no explosive at these places though! We will sum up our reasons for our alarming behaviour.

We chose private addresses because there are puppy/kitten mills. everyone can find info about what is puppy mill, what it looks like and all the other info on the internet by themselves, there is plenty of it, we are not gonna waste time with it anymore. Municipals were chosen because they are willing to tolerate these concentration camps in their cities, and thus are accomplices. There were more reasons for our reports: To attract attention to this issue. To directly point at monsters that operate these puppy mills. To disrupt common life of these breeders and to disrupt functioning of these offices. We know that some of the municipal representatives spoke against breeders’ practices but that is all they did. They don’t care anymore. If you’re going to continue tolerating this activity we will bother the whole town or village, where the puppy mill is, as hard as we can. Unless citizens of these areas will not give a clear signal that they will not just stand by and watch, unless they will not meet their moral obligation and will not make breeders’ lives so miserable that they would terminate their business, we will consider the whole area around them as our target. If they continue to exploit innocent non-human animals, the breeders will not get rid of us. That applies to everyone. This was just a start. Enough with begging the veterinary administration, government and other offices that are actually protecting all of the exploitation of animals. This so-called state, or courts like to argue that it is not possible for citizens to take matters into their own hands because we have laws, police and all kinds of officials. But that’s a lie, there is no law here, there is no law protecting animals. If you call law things that allow for torture, use and killing of animals then those are not laws for protecting animals, that’s a mockery for animals and state, that would love to be a preacher, is completely failing. That’s why we have right to take matters into our own hands and do what is needed. As obedient citizens we already used up all of your methods and we are still a laughing stock. We know already that we will not accomplish anything by persuasion and begging. We don’t give a shit about criminal consequences.

romana hrabáková from Chotěšice, marcela korešová from Ostrova by KV, stanislav šebela from Milíčovice and all other monsters, end this immediately!

Signed ‘Girls’ Brigade inspired by Animal Liberation Front’