Coming May 11th: Animal Liberation Summit (Amsterdam)

WHAT: One-day gathering / workshop event.

WHERE: Plantage Doklaan 8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

WHEN: 11 May

From the event website:

“Fighting for animal liberation can feel lonely and pointless. As there will never be a means to and end to these violent industries. Collectively, however, we can bring about meaningful change and connect on our struggle to see it through.

The animal liberation movement nowadays seems to be comprised by a lot of separate groups and individuals working to accomplish similar goals. By organising this event we hope to bring these groups and individuals together and create a wider and more connected movement.”

The Animal Liberation Summit in Amsterdam promises to be an interesting event of solidarity and practice, where you can meet like-minded activists, brainstorm within groups and create a more cohesive animal liberation movement.

So far a number of workshops have been announced, including how to talk to journalists, how to plan direct action, digital security, two separate talks by Christopher Sebastian, a puppet show on security culture and much more. The full programme can be found on their website:

The event is pay-as-you-feel and the suggested donation for those who can afford it is 5-10 EUR. This does not include meals, which must be paid for separately, with a suggested donation of 8 EUR to cover coffee, lunch and dinner.

More practical information can be found here: