Mass Demonstration Against Puppy Killers MBR Acres, UK

WHAT: Mass demonstration against MBR Acres, UK.
WHEN: 25th of May.
WHERE: MBR Acres, Sawtry Way, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 2DT, UK

Inspired by the demos at Green Hill in Italy in 2012, people have organised a demo outside MBR Acres, the notorious vivisection puppy breeder run by Marshall BioResources, which breeds animals for laboratories internationally and used to own Green Hill. They are calling for a large turnout and asking people to wear black as a mark of respect for the animals imprisoned there. Be smart and wear a mask, for your own and everyone else’s safety. Look after each other and don’t talk to the police.

People will be travelling from all over the UK and you can find folks who are organising lift shares via the event page link below. We recommend that you do not use your legal name on any Facebook profile, especially for organising.

This event is not associated with Free the MBR Beagles, Camp Beagle or any other campaign. Diversity of tactics is needed; the animals used for vivisection need us to stand up and fight. If you want to see something happen, now is your chance. The more of us who take the initiative with different kinds of actions, the harder it is for these companies to stay on top of things. Be ungovernable.

Outside the UK? People are calling for solidarity demonstrations on the day. Is there a Marshall BioResources plant near you? Or one of their customers? Get organised.

Check out the Facebook event for more information, lift shares and more: