Duck Hunters Targeted by ALF (Victoria, Australia)

Received anonymously:

ALF Locks Hunters Out of Wetlands and Spray Paints Rifle Club

The campaign against hunters continues in so-called Australia. The ALF has visited Lake Colac and Reedy Lake before the weekend to lock gates and prevent vehicles from entering the wetland. The Colac Rifle Club was also visited, and spray painted for their encouragement of blood sport and providing the training to take innocent lives.

To all the lives taken over the last month already and to the lives yet to be taken, we are sorry, and these actions are for you. Until every animal no longer fears for their life, we will be here fighting, harassing, and disrupting.

We pay our respects to the First Nations people of the land in which our actions take place on. We acknowledge the long history of First Nations people on this land and pay our respects for the lives that have been lost, the struggles that colonisation has caused to this day, and we stand in solidarity of First Nations peoples fight for freedom.

We further extend our solidarity to the struggles of dispossessed people all over, from the Congo to Palestine. Solidarity always, no one is free until all are free.