Fur Shop Closes in Stockholm After Sabotage (Sweden)

reported by activists in Sweden:

Big fur shop closed down in central Stockholm

Short interview with some of the activists from ARA Sweden:

One of central Stockholms last real fur shops is now closing down after
about a year of underground campaing from animal rights activists. The shop
is called Royal Furs aka ‘Mode Päls’, and the boss has been very aggressive
towards activists over the years, and recently attacked unarmed protesters
with an iron bar. He has also threatened activists many times.

The fur shop wich has been selling fur from mink fox, cayotee, rabbit, and
more has been a target for animal liberation activists for over a decade,
but the last year’s intensive campaign of small actions seem to have been
just enough. ‘It has included a range from glued locks to small – but tough,
masked demos and anonymous annoying calls (no threats). Also some
sprayings and much more.’ says local activists.

‘All the owners have switched phone numbers, and the doors of the shop has
been locked even during ‘open’ times lately, they have never had even
a single customer when we have been outside…’ they continue. ‘We have
choosen to not report every action because it’s just to many actions
at this point’ says the activist. ‘We would like to encourage everyone
fighting for animal liberation to never give up, and dare to take things
further and target the business owners if other tactics does not work.
We never give in – And we always win!
Keep Fighting.
ARA Sweden’

[Disclaimer. Anyone can call themselves ARA as long as they are fighting
for animal liberation, with any means necessary. The activists interviewed
does not claim having done anything illegal themselves, but talk in general