3 Lambs Rescued by Protesters in Australia

Bizarre moment three lambs are handed over to vegan protesters after they stormed an Australian abattoir as part of the ‘largest protest the world has ever seen’

  • Lambs handed to animal rights activists after protest at abattoir at Yangan, QLD
  • More than 20 protesters chained themselves to the machinery on Monday
  • After two hours and negotiations the activists were escorted off the property
  • The animals are believed to be headed to Farm Animal Rescue for quarantine


Three lambs were handed over to animal rights activists on Monday after a group of vegan vigilantes staged a protest at an abattoir.

More than 20 militant vegans chained themselves to the slaughterhouse’s machinery after storming the Carey Bros Abattoir at Yangan, 160km south-west of Brisbane at around 5am on Monday.

After two hours, the protesters agreed to leave after negotiating the release of three lambs.

It was pretty much what was expected,’ one of the protesters told 7News.

‘The workers came in, they called the police, they called the manager and we negotiated this end result.’

In one video, a worker from the abattoir can be standing among the protesters as police announce he has agreed to hand over three lambs.

A protester off-camera asks if they are allowed to take the animals with them.

To which the worker responds: ‘Yes, you can take them today.’

The animals are understood to be headed to Farm Animal Rescue where they will be quarantined.

The sit-in was just one of several planned animal rights rallies across the country in what is being touted as the ‘largest protest the world has ever seen.’

Nine people were arrested after activists chained themselves to machinery at a Goulburn abattoir, 195km south-west of Sydney, on Monday morning.

‘Activists are currently inside Goulburn slaughterhouse preventing the brutal slaughter of animals, as part of co-ordinated actions across the country to draw attention to the inherent cruelty of animal agriculture and to call for industry transparency,’ Lost Earthlings posted to social media.

‘Businesses that engage in animal abuse should not be able to do so in secrecy — consumers have a right to know what they’re paying for.’

Three men – one aged 46 and two aged 22 – and six women – between the ages of 21 and 61 – were escorted off the property and are expected to be charged.

Hundreds of activists brought a busy Melbourne intersection to a standstill and nearly 40 vigilantes – including children – were arrested.

Rental vans marked with banners condemning the slaughter of the animals were parked across road lanes at the Flinders and Swanston streets intersection.

Tow trucks were fielded to move the stationery vehicles while other protesters chained themselves to cars and their counterparts waved placards that read, ‘vegan rising’ or ‘this is a peaceful protest’.

In Sydney, a small scale protest led a handful of protesters to march through the CBD calling for an end to animal brutality.

Protest spokesperson Isy Veira said they are calling on state and federal agriculture ministers to listen to several demands, including adding an animal cruelty documentary to the school curriculum for kids over 15.

Despite the small numbers at the protest, Ms Veira was happy with the turnout.

‘We’ve got riot police following us around so we’re obviously shaking things up a bit,’ she said.

‘I think that protest and direct action and animal rights activism will continue until the demands in the statement are met.

‘They aren’t unreasonable demands, we’re just asking for transparency and compassion.’