ALF Liberates 30 Turkeys, Damages Tractor (UK)

Received anonymously; click here for video from the rescue:

We sat in the hedge waiting until the house by the farm turned all
lights off. The padlocked gates gave way easily under the bolt cutters
and the sheds were accessible through the windows, giving us plenty of
room to carry on the operation. We had not taken into consideration
something important. The quick growth of the turkeys had turned them
from easy-to-carry, chicken sized birds into huge animals since our last
scouting. They were now almost ready to be slaughtered. We decided that
thirty was as many as we could take and one by one we carried them to
the transport. In less than fifteen minutes the birds were loaded and on
their way to a safe new home. As the tractor was close by we decided to
use a window punch to cost a little more money to the animal abuser. It
is incredibly satisfying to see the glass shattering, thinking of the
bills that the farmer will have to pay. We see this action not as an act
of heroism but as a means to an end tool. Decentralised actions
throughout the UK to destabilise the animal abuse system aren’t just a
token of solidarity towards our non-human comrades, but a completely
necessary behaviour that should be repeated across the board and
combined with resilient overground campaigns that seek something else
than the spread of veganism. We shouldn’t be discussing the ethics of
sabotage and their impact on the general public, we should be attacking
with all our rage towards what hurts them the most; their money.

Let this be your call to action. From butcher shops to slaughterhouses,
from calves to fish, it is time to act. It is time to cause them enough
money that their insurance companies decide to not cover them any
longer. It is time to rescue as many animal victims as we possibly can.
It is time to act. We hope that our words transmit our sense of urgency.
The world, the animals and the environment around us cannot afford to
wait a little longer. Every animal slaughtered, every tree cut and every
person dead after being trapped by this system will accelerate
exponentially the destruction of the planet. With this action we also
want to remember Barry Horne.

Barry lives in those who act.

Who, if not you?
When, if not now?

Animal Liberation Front.