Badger Cull Sabotaged (UK)

Received anonymously from the Underground Badger Syndicate (click here to view the video):

Disclaimer: All footage found online or foraging under fallen leaves. We do not claim responsibility for any of the actions shown in the video.

With the badger cull over in all zones except pilot zones we wanted to put together a little video about the past few weeks.

Thanks to STC, to all sab groups and individuals and to everybody that helped by sharing or donating. You’re all fucking awesome.

We maintain the idea that this badger cull is completely stoppable via direct action. The key to success is to step up, to be smart about it and to utilise our full potential. So if you weren’t physically involved during last season, it is time for you to step up. Stop and think for a second, how many more badgers could’ve been saved if you had been on the fields?

Let’s also remember that legal and illegal prosecution of wildlife is happening at all times. For that reason, UBS wants to make clear our intention to carry on sabotaging hunting activities throughout the year and not just during the badger cull. We also want to make clear that as an antinational group we will not be focusing solely in the U.K. and that we are stepping up to stop wildlife being murdered in multiple countries.

If you’re willing to help us take on new projects, drop us a PayPal.

UBS is content with the results we obtained during the cull this year but we are not prepared to celebrate. We are hoping that in the months to come, more and more people join to stop the madness that hunting is.