Fred Coulston, still dead (Primate Freedom Project)

coulstonIt’s been years. Eleven years actually. And it’s how people are remembered. Eleven years ago some of the horror at Alamogordo was ending. Despite years and years of animal cruelty violations, the USDA finally closed the infamous Coulston laboratory where unspeakable cruelty was inflicted on our closest relative, the chimpanzee.

We’ve all heard about the cruelty that’s is happening–it’s been documented by the government, but the pain and suffering was so bad the US government could no longer ignore it. So, Fred Coulston, had no other choice but to release those he tortured. At this time of year, it’s important to look back and remember.

It’s also important to remember people for what they have done, what they have contributed. It’s especially important not to forget when people are cruel. Fred Coulston was the chimpanzees’ Hitler. Coulston’s experiments were just as useless and hurt just as much, and like Hitler, were performed on infants, and adults and then both cast their victims’ bodies aside like yesterday’s newspaper.

Coulston died the next year. It’s been 10 years this month since Freddie passed on and many suspect the chimps Coulston practiced on have forgiven him. Many humans have not and never will, because, it is a grave error to ever forget or forgive cruelty. Once it has been inflicted, the perpetrator will most likely do it again.

It is important to remember Fred Coulston for what he did. During an interview he displayed a smug and cavalier attitude about his treatment of his captives. Now, Fred is captive somewhere else. There will be no monuments erected for Freddie; no lengthly tributes for his accomplishments to help sick humans. However, there are many people who, every December, remember a vile and cruel man.

Fred Coulston will be remembered this way all the days of our lives.