Japanese govt’s websites hacked by Anonymous over dolphin hunt

AnonymousJapanese government’s websites, including the ones of the prime minister’s office, Taji, Wakayama Prefecture, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, have been cyber attacked by Anonymous, a group of “hacktivists” (hacker-activists) who primarily hack websites to bring about social change.

“STOP these slaughters IMMEDIATELY, or get ready to face the extent of our wrath,” was the online message sent by Anonymous to the Japanese government.

The group has given this warning to government officials in Japan to put an end to dolphin slaughter, the international press reports.

Anonymous has 22 Japanese websites on their hit list.

Every year, Japanese whaling ships catch and often times brutally butcher up to 17,000 small whales, dolphins and porpoises (known collectively as smaller cetaceans) that are found along its coastlines, according to the international press. More than one million cetaceans have been killed in Japan’s waters in the past 70 years.

Despite the international criticism regarding Japan’s whaling method, the country says its whaling habits are a matter of tradition.