Animal Liberation Front Vandalizes Montreal Butcher Shop

Received Anonymously


1881 av. du Mont-Royal Est
Montreal (Qc) H2H 1J3
Phone : 514 903-9899

the butchery pere & fils in montreal qc, the ‘cold room’ is built right at the front in the store display Windows, entire non human frozen beheaded cadavers & chopped up pieces of limbs hang off hooks in plain sight, this butchery is on a busy avenue part of a popular mall strip in the Montreal downtown area.

the front & back of the store was vandalized on the night of the 29th of December. the lock & fence to the private back entrance was cut open, there were multiple large bins lined up side by side filled with chopped up mutilated body parts and garbage bags with trails of blood following staining the snow, the smell was strong & this is in -30 degree weather. hiding the slaughter behind closed doors is a thing of the past for these sadistic bastards . . these are the voices of the ENRAGED painted on this window of DEATH…. long live the alf – until all are free.