Winners Clothing Stores Painted

Communiqué from Unknown Activists
Date: December 7, 2009
Institution Targeted: Winners Clothing Store

Received anonymously:

On the night of Sunday Dec 6th, two Winners clothing stores in the Vancouver area had their front entrances painted red to symbolize the blood of animals dying for their cheap fur trimmed coats. Even after public outcry Winners continues to sell cheap Chinese made clothing trimmed with the fur of dogs, rabbit, fox and mink.
Animals raised on fur farms in China live in horrific conditions, they are routinely skinned alive and dismembered while fully conscious, go here to view animals being skinned alive, the very same species of dog being sold in Winners stores!
A message to WINNERS, STOP SELLING FUR or this will continue getting worse for you! Over $20 000 of Winners jackets have allready been sabotaged, your storefronts are covered with blood, GET RID OF THE FUR because we are not going to back down!!!!