Quotes of the Week Brought to you by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office

The quotes below by animal abusers should remove any remaining doubt among our dear readers that direct action is an extremely effective tactic in stopping the exploitation, torture and murder of sentient non-human animals:

“It [action by animal liberationists] is changing the kind of work people will do in the future,” he says. “If students come to me interested in primate research, I would tell them to think about other things.” –Dario Ringach, UCLA Vivisector who quit killing non-human primates in his laboratory in 2006 when his colleagues were attacked by the ALF

“The issue he [Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis] was mostly concerned about was that he really did not want to attract controversy from the violent elements of various animal rights groups. He did not want to put OSU in that spotlight and so unnecessarily distract from or interfere with current research.” — OSU Vice-President for Research and Technology Transfer Stephen McKeever, to Science Magazine when explaining why Hargis had canceled OSU plans to kill baboons with Anthrax