University of Utah Vehicles Sabotaged

Communiqué from Students for Animal Liberation
Date: November 23, 2009
Institution Targeted: University of Utah

Received anonymously:

Although it may be cold and snowy outside, University of Utah staff will be in for a warm surprise when they start their vehicles this morning. This evening we placed dozens of surprises deep within the tailpipes of faculty vehicles and shuttles near the Animal Research Center. The same Animal Research Center that unnecessarily tests on a large variety of animals ranging from mice, rats, rabbits and non-human primates to homeless dogs and cats purchased from nearby shelters. Something in which we have just become informed. These tests do nothing more than give the so-called ‘researchers’ more money in grants by changing small variables in tests that have been going on for years and years with no successful scientific progress at all. The surprises left today are not meant to harm nor hurt anyone. They are simply left as a reminder that we are serious. Seriousness comes at a cost, and unfortunately the cost this time will only be a few thousand in auto-repairs. But DO take this as a warning. We will be back and next time it won’t be a couple of small repairs. WE ARE WATCHING!

Students for Animal Liberation.