UCLA Clinic Glued and Painted, Van Tampered With

Communiqué from Animal Liberation Front Activists
Date: November 30, 2008
Institution Targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisection

Received anonymously

this note is to share a few things with those of you who haven’t ceased the torture of primates at UCLA, all other UC schools, and all vivisectors worldwide. (remember, we are coming for you.)

first off:
the first few hours of the silly U.S. holiday of over consumption known as thanksgiving were celebrated by some activists by redecorating a UCLA clinic located on the corner of 18th and Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. Glue for the locks and lots of blood red paint were some of the additions that we chose to make to the general appearance of this outpost of the murderous UCLA medical department. this was another small gesture of our willingness to keep up the fight until the monkeys are removed from the UCLA labs.
we aren’t going away.

we are aware that due to some people’s recent interactions with the UCLA vanpools, security has been vamped up, some of the vans aren’t left out overnight anymore, and a bulletin was sent out to drivers and passengers to be alert of anything out of the ordinary. we are also aware of the fact that some of the vanpools have UCLA medical staff and ocassionaly even a vivisector as passengers. one such van has been driving around with a small “V” scratched into the paint. did your keen drivers and passengers pick up on it? the “V” stands for the victory that we will bring for the primates in the labs and also denotes something else of interest about the van. you figure it out…

and lastly:
we wanted to share some ideas with the regents of UCLA.
there are way more of us than you think. and that number is getting greater with every article that shines light on your disgusting halls of torture. more press. more actions. more damage. more pressure. it won’t stop. as our numbers grow our proximity to you becomes closer and closer. disgruntled employees. disillusioned students. we are on your campus. you even pay some of us as we get closer to shuting you down. if there are primates in your labs we will be here doing what we do and getting better at it. we aren’t going to back down.

with this said we have an idea for you. we know that the non-animal protocols exist. we know that UCLA has even had vivisectors switch over to the non-animal protocols in ongoing studies. when you do free the primates you don’t want it to look like you had to make the choice because of the financial or emotional pressure that some of the direct actions bring you. right? here is what you do: you start calling us terrorists (shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for you…), and you start saying that our actions are slowing down your plan to transfer over to total and complete, uncruel, primate and other animal free, safe, medical testing. UCLA makes the switch to animal free testing and we retire. UCLA restores it’s reputation and saves money along with producing actual safe and reliable research. (contrary to what you offer now.) best of all the primates and other animals don’t suffer. (also we don’t mind that you called us terrorists. we know that you are the ones who terrorize and abuse. we know that we are the ones acting in the name of compassion and justice. go ahead and call us whatever you want. just let the animals out of the cages.)

it’s up to you UC regents.
the UC name can continue to be doused in red paint or even go up in flames.
or it can shine proudly having ushered in a new day of humane treatment towards our fellow sentient beings.

your choice. we will be watching.

with love,