20 “Free Range” Hens Liberated from Egg Farm by ALF Canada

Communiqué from Animal Liberation Front Activists
Date: November 30, 2008
Institution Targeted: British Columbia Egg Farm

Received anonymously

On the night of Nov 27, 20 ‘free range’ hens were liberated from a British Columbia egg farm. Activists entered the barn through an unlocked door and found the hens, many of them too weak to move while lying on the metal grated floor surrounded by other dead and dying birds. The hens are almost completely featherless, all of them have been debeaked right back to their nostrils, and their bottoms are swollen, infected and red.

Free range is not good enough, organic is not good enough, go vegan and leave the animals in peace.

This action was done in solidarity with the turkeys who were mutilated and dismembered on the Aviagen turkey farm in West Virginia which was exposed recently by undercover investigators. We will not stand for these constant attacks on our animal brothers and sisters, you will not get rid of us as we are only getting stronger.

ALF Canada