UCLA Vivisector Goran Lacan and UCLA Lies

For Immediate Release
December 1, 2008

Goran Lacan-The Truth
UCLA Vivisector’s Auto Burnedby AnimalLiberation Activists

Los Angeles, CA: In an anonymous communiqué received by the Press Office, Students and Workers for the Liberation of UCLA Primates claim to have placed an incendiary device beneath an automobile belonging to primate vivisector Goran Lacan. UCLA confirms the destruction of two vehicles, but in deceptive wording, their press release states the vehicles destroyed were not in front of the home ‘owned’ by Lacan.  University flaks also try to portray Lacan as a ‘former’ primate vivisector, ignoring publications both this year and last in which he principally authored studies detailing torture and murder of vervet monkeys in the study of human anorexia, obesity and methamphetamine addiction .

In response, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office researchers compiled a summary of the hideous experiments UCLA vivisector Goran Lacan has recently been involved with. Despite the dishonest press release putout by UCLA, Lacan has authored scientific papers detailing primate torture, abuse and killing as recently as May of this year. As an institution that profits from animal exploitation, UCLA cannot be trusted to present the truth, so the Press Office will. If the UC Regents are willing to lie so obviously about a researcher’s work, it should surprise no one they would also lie about whether the correct home was targeted by animal liberationists.

Press Officer Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a medical doctor and former vivisector, isnot surprised at UCLA’s painstaking wording in order to mislead their students and the public. “UCLA, vested as they are in animal experimentation and abuse, cannot be trusted to present the truth.” Dr.Vlasak states further: “It is typical of the opposition to state misleading details about an underground action in attempts to “draw out” those responsible, and also to turn public sympathy away from liberationists and from the real victims, in this case the primates dying inside UCLA’s laboratories. I would hope that those opposed to animal abuse, including supporters of liberationist ideology, understand that this is the same old rhetoric used by the opposition, a not very bright opposition at that.”

Goran Lacan published a paper entitled “Modulation of Food Intake Following Deep Brain Stimulation of the Ventromedial Hypothalamus in the Vervet Monkey” in February of this year. In this horribly cruel study , Lacan is purportedly trying to find treatments for ANOREXIA in monkeys, and whether “Deep Brain Stimulation” or DBS ,would be a good treatment for this mental disorder. His DBS protocols involve implanting in vasive electrodes deep into the monkey’s brain and then sending electrical pulses into their brain with the electrodes. It’s an incredibly painful procedure that carries with it a whole host of complications and side effects. Here are some excerpts from the paper:

“Two adult… male vervet monkeys…were housed in individual cages for the duration of the study…The CRW human stereotactic device was attached to the frame affixed to the animal’s head for subsequent stereotactic surgical manipulations. After making a midline incision, the skull was accessed bilaterally and 1.5mm-diameter holes were drilled for the approach to the hypothalamic targets.Three anchoring titanium screws (OD 1 mm,length 3 mm) were placed around the bur hole, and the guide tube wassecured to the skull with acrylic cement. The IPGs were activated and inactivated transdermally on the animal’s back by a magnet after temporarily restraining it to a corner of the cage.”

“At the initiation of both DBS-on periods, the animals became acutely agitated. Over a period of30 minutes, they defecated and urinated, had an erection, and repeatedly masturbated.”  

The DBS period continued for up to 8 more days.  Lacan also assisted primate vivisector Baldwin Way in experimentation and public ation of research papers involving methamphetamine addiction experiments in vervet monkeys in 2007. In this experiment, vervet monkeys injected with two doses of METH (2 mg/kg, intramuscularly, 6 hoursapart) showed at 1 month, iron increases in substantia nigra parsreticulata and globus pallidus, with concurrent increases offerritin-immunore activity and decreases of tyrosine hydroxylase-immunore activity in substantia nigra; these injections of METH into primates continued as they aged.

Another example of the evil experiments Lacan is directly involved in is: Long-Term Methamphetamine Administration in the VervetMonkey Models Aspects of a Human Exposure: Brain Neurotoxicity and Behavioral Profiles. And i nstill another 2007 experiment, Goran Lacan published “Architectonic Distribution of the Serotonin Transporter within the Orbitofrontal Cortex of the Vervet Monkey.” Quoting the study:

“Subjects in this study were 12 drug-naive adult male vervet monkeys (Chlorocebusaethiops) that were housed in outdoor group enclosures at the UCLA/VAVervet Research Colony, Sepulveda, CA.”

As highlighted in the recent communique issued by animal liberationists, those who experimented on primates in the past, currently or thinking about it in the future, it may not be tomorrow or next month that his alfs will find you…” To read the original communique, click here.