LAAS Public Information Officer Jackie David House Painted, Cars Stripped

Communiqué from the ALF
Date Received: December 27, 2004
Institution Targeted: LA Animal Services

received anonymously:

J. David was paid a visit by the animal liberation front in the early morning hours of xmas eve

this action was done on behalf of thousands of helpless animals killed by David because she does not do her job

David’s house was painted with slogans resign bitch and alf eyes on you, two cars in the driveway paint stripped all over

She is a piece of scum who hates animals She should not be in charge of helping animals because all she knows how to do is kill them

You can’t hide anymore


LAAS Public Information Officer Jackie David, an inept bureaucrat long targeted by animal advocates, was visited by the ALF early on the morning of December 24th. Jackie should resign so a competent Information Officer can start saving some of the 40-60,000 healthy, adoptable animals killed by LAAS every year. For more information, visit