ALF Strikes LA Animal Services Bureaucrat Responsible for Needlessly Killing Companion Animals

Monday, December 27, 2004
ALF Strikes LA Animal Services Bureaucrat Responsible for Needlessly Killing Companion Animals

Los Angeles- The day before Christmas, the underground Animal Liberation Front (ALF) struck the home of one of the most incompetent senior LA Animal Services (LAAS) employees, who has contributed to the senseless killing of tens of thousands of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats. Jackie David, Public Information Officer for LAAS, found her home in Sylmar spray painted with slogans demanding her retirement from her current city position, so a more humane, modern replacement could be found.

A communiqué received by the Press Office reads: ” J. David was paid a visit by the animal liberation front in the early morning hours of xmas eve this action was done on behalf of thousands of helpless animals killed by David because she does not do her job David’s house was painted with slogans resign bitch and alf eyes on you, two cars in the driveway paint stripped all over She is a piece of scum who hates animals She should not be in charge of helping animals because all she knows how to do is kill them You can’t hide anymore alf”

David, who transferred to her current position from the city’s Sanitation Department, is widely known to be lazy and ineffectual, frequently leaving work early. Instead of implementing progressive policies to place homeless animals with new owners, as so many other cities have done, David has consistently rebuffed attempts to improve her department’s adoption rates.

Pamelyn Ferdin, of the Animal Defense League Los Angeles (ADL-LA) a legal, above ground animal-advocacy group that has a campaign to stop the killing at LAAS stated Adl-la and other mainstream animal protection groups have been trying for two years to get Jackie David replaced with a competent, experienced Information Officer, to no avail. Ferdin states “David was transferred from the city’s garbage department to LAAS, and that’s exactly how she treats our city’s homeless and lost animals, like garbage.”

For more information, visit the Animal Defense league website at , go to the targets page and click on Jackie David.