ALF Liberates 12 Chickens (Denmark)

Received anonymously:

We’ve all heard the story of backyard chickens, about how ethical it is, and how it can be a great way to teach children about animals. This is a lie! It’s always exploitation of the chickens, and they often murder them as well. A small school in Denmark was spreading the same lies, and they had decided that they thought it was appropriate to murder a rooster in front of the school children, and then feed him to them afterwards. The school had announced that this was something they were gonna start doing regularly – maybe one of the next victims would be one of the baby chicks they had enslaved. We will not stand for the normalization of speciesism, and we will definitely never stand for the normalization of murder.

Late at night, the day before the planned execution of the rooster, we cut open the fences and cages and took every last one of them with us. The rooster, 2 hens, and 9 baby chicks were all liberated that night, and brought to safe homes, where they will never have to be exploited or fear for their lives.

The school has said that they want to get more chickens who they will kill and feed to the children. To that we say; just you try. We will keep coming back and liberating them until you stop this insanity. And next time we will not leave the place as nice as we did the first time.

The liberation of these innocent individuals, was only possible because of the amazing humans who opened their homes and offered a safe life for the chickens. If you are able to take in liberated animals, ALWAYS reach out to activists you think can help get animals out of their prisons. The more safe homes we have, the more non-human animals we can save.