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ALF Shatters Windows at Butcher (Clifton, Bristol, UK)

Received anonymously: In the early hours of Sunday the 19th of June we visited the posh butchers in Clifton. They are based at “the mall” (which is a street name) in Clifton, Bristol, UK. We shattered the 2 big front windows and broke a side window. We will continue this war against the meat industry- …

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ALF Smashes Butcher Shop Windows (St. Werbergs, Bristol, UK)

Received anonymously: Greetings In the early hours of the 16th of June We visited the butchers shop in St Werbergs, Bristol. There glass door and big window where shattered using rocks. The meat industry must end. ALF EDITOR’S NOTE: Alongside this report, we received another message 12 hours later. It seems like someone found out that …

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ALF Liberates 13 Hens (Luxembourg)

A.L.F. 26.06.2022 Luxembourg 2 member of the Animal Liberation Front saves 13 hens from an intensive farm

ALF Sabotage 29 Hunting Towers (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium 10.06.2022 The A.L.F. sabotages 29 hunting towers and saves Wildlife

ALF Sabotage Archery Shop (Montreal, Canada)

Received anonymously: After hearing its owner encouraging bowhunting on a local podcast, we decided to pay a visit to the self-proclaimed best archery specialty shop in the province. The windows have been redecorated and the locks have been glued. We aim to affect the wallet of this store who sells thousands of hunting weapons each …

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12 Rabbits Liberated from T&S Rabbits Fur Farm (East Bridgford, UK)

Received anonymously: Fuck your fences, fuck your fur farm! While Anne – a T&S fur farm worker- slept in her static caravan, we crept around nearby. We easily cut through the fence surrounding the farm and went straight for a pen, catching as many rabbits as we had homes for. The rabbits didn’t make it …

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ALF Sabotages 10 Hunting Towers, Smash Cameras in Solidarity with MBR Beagles (Sweden)

Received anonymously: In midsummer time the sun never goes down over so called Sweden. At night the ALF swarmed in the woods and sabotaged 10 hunting towers and smashed hunting cameras. We destroyed that which destroys. No rest for the wicked. Solidarity With Animal Freedom Movement. Shut Down MBR Acres. Free The MBR Beagles. Until …

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17 Chickens Liberated (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously: At just 6 weeks old, their life would have been ended in the most violent and abhorrent way. Now they will be able to live peacefully, happy lives; free from exploitation. Get up and go smash the system. Fught back. Liberate. PS:This is a special FUCK YOU to Moy Park, you vile scumbags!

Activists Liberate 5 Beagles from MBR (UK)

Originally published on Animal Freedom Movement Activists from Animal Freedom Movement, a project supported by Animal Rebelion, have liberated 5 beagle puppies from MBR Acres! These dogs were bred in this farm, ready to be shipped off to laboratories when they reached around 16 weeks old. Once they reached the labs, they would have been subject …

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Hunting Shop Sabotaged (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Hunting store tagged Quebec Montreal

ALF Destroys 29 Hunting Towers (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium 10.06.2022 The A.L.F. sabotages 29 hunting towers and saves Wildlife

Animal Rights Militia, Others Support MBR Campaign (UK)

Over the past few weeks we have received second hand reports about unreported actions against the laboratory puppy mill MBR Acres. Here are the words of anonymous people who passed on information. Unfortunately as the reports do not come from the activists there is no solid way of knowing the exact details of the actions …

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Fast Food Restaurants Sabotaged (Indiana, USA)

Received anonymously: 3 toilets sabotaged at Jack in the Box restaurants by flushing rocks and then paper towels down the toilets. This easily reproducible act of sabotage should be carried at every animal abusing establishment. Hide the rocks in a shopping bag purse or backpack and enter the restroom. Plumbers costs hundreds or even thousands …

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Arson Destroys Rodeo Arena (Chile)

Originally published by Contrainfo, translated by Dark Nights. In the early morning of May 26, 2022, anonymous hands set fire to the Gil Letelier Huasos and Rodeo Club in the commune of Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago, in addition to leaving pamphlets and bullets as a threat. A few days later the action is attributed by the Animal …

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Activists Liberate 31 Hens (UK)

Received anonymously: As the bird flu crisis lessens in the UK, we felt safe saving and transporting birds from an industrial farm using biosecurity. As we approached the gigantic shed, the stench of faeces was overwhelming and we knew that the shed would be full of thousands of helpless birds. Sneaking in under the conveyor …

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