May 24

3 Reasons All Feminists Should Support Animal Rights

Huffington Post Samita Sarkar “Feminism” has lately become less of a dirty word, as more people recognize it as being the belief in gender equality. Men, women, and transpeople can all be feminists. According to popular sex educator Laci Green, if you believe women are human, you’re a feminist. It’s that simple. Or is it? …

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May 17

Prisoner Support: More Materials for June 11th Available!

The call for this year’s June 11th–The International Day of Solidarity With Marius Mason, Eric McDavid, & All Longterm Anarchist Political Prisoners–is titled Transition. We encourage everyone to check it out and hope that it will inspire people to hold local events in solidarity with Marius, Eric, and others. June 11th organizers have also been …

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May 16

Palestinians, Blacks and Other Hypocrites – Press Officer Gary Yourofsky

One struggle, one fight, animal liberation, F—K human rights! The latest lie being spread about me is that I’m a racist because I said Palestinians were crazy. But if I distrust or hate all humans and the way we behave, I am a misanthrope NOT a racist! Yet, my misanthropy causes no actual harm contrary …

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May 14

The Role Of Science In A Push For Animal Liberation

NPR News Barbara King Last Friday in the Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer asked which contemporary practices will be deemed “abominable” in the future, in the way that we today think of human enslavement. He then offered his own opinion: “I’ve long thought it will be our treatment of animals. I’m convinced that our great-grandchildren will …

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May 12

Captive Wolves Need Help

1119 Randolf Road, Lillie Louisiana is the actual physical address of the animals in terrible distress! Below are photos and documentation of a rapid breeder that has upward of 20 wolf and wolf dogs aging from under a month to 13 years old. Every animal is short chained, outdoors, with frozen water in water bowls,very …

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