Stahl Fur Farm in Sunbury, Pennsylvania Raided, Thousands of Mink Liberated (USA)

Received anonymously: dear mink murderer stahl, fur commission secretary: i saw your mink prison recently and was not impressed. you have dozens of sheds but so many are falling apart. thankfully your operation seems to have gotten smaller over the years. when will you learn that animal abuse isn’t worth it? people like me will …

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UPDATE: State police investigating release of thousands of minks outside of Sunbury

By Francis Scarcella SUNBURY — State Police opened an investigation into how 6,000 to 8,000 minks were released into Northumberland County on Sunday. Troopers at the Stonington barracks say they were called to the Richard Stahl Fur Farm, located along Route 890 outside of Sunbury, early Sunday morning for a report that someone cut holes …

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Stahl Fur Farm in Pennsylvania Raided, Thousands of Mink Liberated (USA)

For immediate release September 18, 2023 Although an anonymous communique has yet to be received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, news media reports that the only remaining fur farm in Pennsylvania, Stahl Fur Farm, was raided this weekend and 6000-8000 captive mink destined to be killed in November were liberated. The farm …

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Hunter’s Vehicles Vandalized (Picassent, Spain)

According to pro-hunt media, two hunters shooting pigeons in Spain had their cars keyed by a member of the public. Earlier that same day, whilst one of them was shooting a pigeon, a walker with a dog told them they really shouldn’t be shooting over their head whilst they were walking. The hunters threatened them …

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Visit the Press Office Table at the NYC Anarchist Book Fair: Tomorrow, Saturday, September 16

PROGRAMME September 15 – Music Festival [5:30 – 10pm] P.I.T. BROOKLYN September 16 – Book Fair & In-person Workshops & Art Festival [11am -8pm] LA PLAZA COMMUNITY GARDEN September 16 – Film Festival [8 -11pm] TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK, EAST VILLAGE September 17 – Virtual Workshops [11am – 7 pm] VIRTUAL @ P.I.T BROOKLYN

Remembering Hazel, the First Ever T&S Rabbit Liberated by the ALF.

From:  Back in 2019 I stumbled upon T&S rabbits and I was left perplex by the abhorrent conditions of the farm and the fact that they were breeding rabbits to skin them and sell their fur. At the end of August that same year, alongside some other ALF comrades, I broke into the farm in …

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Support 4 Chilean Activists Jailed for Arson Against Meat Company

The four comrades accused of the 2022 arson attack against the Susaron Meat Company in Chile are still in prison awaiting trial. It was in November 2022 that four comrades were arrested by the police for an arson attack, which had taken place in September of the same year, against a slaughterhouse in Chile. The …

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37 Years of Direct Action Against Fur Farms in America

1986-2023: 37 Years of Direct Action Against Fur Farms in America There have been at least 116 fur farm raids in America over the last 37 years; more than 160,000 fur bearing captive animals have been liberated, given a new chance at life after spending their entire lives in small metal cages. At least 43 of …

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Dismay at Wisconsin Trappers Association Annual Convention

On Saturday, Gary Groenewold of Groenewold Fur & Wool Co., one of the largest buyers of wild (trapped) fur in North America, spoke about the fur market at the Wisconsin Trappers Association annual convention. Groenewold talks about how fur farmers are struggling just to break even (Groenewold estimated that the U.S. has lost “85% of …

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Pettersson Fur Farm Closed Down (Falkenberg, Sweden)

Since 2017, Djurfront has been campaigning to shut down Niclas Pettersson’s mink farm in Falkenberg, Sweden. He was the perfect target for multiple reasons, including the fact that he owned the only mink farm in the southern part of Sweden, making him very isolated from the lobby industry. Since the begining of the campaign activists …

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Only 13 Fur Farmers Attend Fur Commission USA Conference

Challis Hobbs and the Fur Commission USA invited every mink farmer to their most recent meeting. Only 13 showed. Only 60 mink farms remain in the U.S., down from 274 ten years ago. Visit for a map of remaining fur farms.

Pacific Northwest Fur Industry & Successful Midwest Direct Action

by Counter Info Wed, Aug 30, 2023 12:29AM The state of the fur industry in the Pacific Northwest and some news on successful direct action. The fur industry in the Pacific Northwest is a shell of what it once was. Since the first recorded ALF liberation at a fur farm in 1986, where 66 foxes …

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Geiger Mink Farm in Wisconsin closes after 60+ years

by Final Nail The Geiger Mink Farm in Kronenwetter, Wisconsin has closed. The end of the farm, after 60+ years in operation, comes as a relief to neighbors. For many years, residents of homes near the farm attended village board meetings to plead for help dealing with fly infestations (“Thousands of flies. We can’t go …

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Mink fur farms continue dramatic decline in capacity, market interest, and value, according to latest USDA annual survey

EIN Newsdesk Animal Wellness Action calls for government buy-out of small and declining, very inhumane and virally dangerous industry Mink farming is in a death spiral, with no recognizable domestic market for pelts. — Wayne Pacelle, president of Animal Wellness Action WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2023 / — The mink industry is experiencing …

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99 Hens Liberated from Egg Farm (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Animal Liberation Activists went into an intensive egg farm with layer hens kept in battery cages. This time they liberated 99 animals. All of them get new homes after recuperation and medical treatment. WE WON’T STOP – Until Every Cage Is Empty