Jul 25

4 More Hunting Towers Destroyed in Alsace-Lorraine (France)

Received anonymously: In North-East France Alsace-Lorraine region, 4 more Hunting towers have been destroyed raising the total this month to 8 towers. Graffiti on them showed ALF signs. Join by individual or collective actions NOW to save some animals from the hunt. French: Dans le nord-est de la France, en région Alsace Lorraine, 4 nouveaux …

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Jul 20

Police: Michigan Dog Breeder Beat Close To Death, Ear Cut Off For Abusing Pit Bulls


A Michigan dog breeder was reportedly tied, beaten and had his ear cut off, possibly in retaliation for his involvement in dog fighting, police say. The 52-year-old dog breeder from Detroit had at least 16 pit bulls chained up in the backyard of one of his homes, as well as another dozen dogs living in …

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Jul 11

Bomb Hoaxes at Puppy Mills in Czech Republic

Received anonymously (translation): Malá Strana 16, Chotěšice. Municipal office Chotěšice, Chotěšice 29. 28901 Dymokury. Milíčovice 22, Znojmo. Municipal office Milíčovice, Milíčovice 40, 66902. Karlovarská 220, 36301, Ostrov. Municipal office Ostrov, Jáchymovská 1 On early morning July 4th 2016 we reported placing of an explosive at these addresses. There is no explosive at these places though! …

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Jul 06

4 Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Alsace-Lorraine (France)

Received anonymously: 4 Hunting Towers destroyed and burnt in France – July 2016 In North-East France Alsace-Lorraine region, 4 Hunting towers have been burnt and destroyed by local ALF Activists. Graffiti on them showed ALF signs and the message ‘Stop Hunting’ in French and German languages. We’re excited. It’s just the beginning. This summer will …

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Jul 04

Foxes Liberated in Czech Republic


anonymous report, from Jsem pro zákaz norování: Two months ago we reported about foxes that were kept in Agriculture collective Hněvotín. They were held in unacceptable conditions as tools for training of hounds in nearby artificial burrow. The foxes are at this moment at large, they were released. Though not by their ‘owner’. The deed …

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