Apr 11

Locks Jammed at Slaughterhouse Supply Businesses in Portland

Received anonymously On the night of April 10th, the locks were glued at Market Supply Co. (139 SE Taylor St, Portland, OR) and McGraw Marketing Co. (2514 SE 23rd Ave, Portland OR) also had its lock jammed with liquid nails. These businesses were targeted for providing equipment and logistical support to slaughterhouses and meat ‘processing’ …

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Apr 09

‘Liberator’ centers on animal-avenging heroes

USA Today New collection features a slew of fresh stories, including one by creator Matt Miner Any animal lover with a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit or other pet in their life can probably connect to Liberator differently than most comic books. The first collection Liberator: Rage Ignition, out Wednesday, collects the first four-issue miniseries that …

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Apr 05

Pro-Vivisection Website Hacked

Received anonymously A long time ago PwnedSecurity Team Canada gained access to a propaganda website in the uk run by Understanding Animal Research (UAR). Instead of a typical defacement of the website which would be quickly noticed and undone we decided to be more subtle. There is a section of the website with a number …

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Apr 04

This is why…. by Walter Bond

-A teener of meth gets melted in glass, well after the mini-butane torch comes off it. The yellowish white smoke lasts. The rock melts down into a clear chemical drop and he inhales the poison until lung expansion stops, and the anhydrous ammonia makes him cough it. This is why he lost his job, this …

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Apr 01

NIO Resistance Sabotages Trappers in the Arkansas Woods

Received anonymously We hadn’t got but 50 yards down the road when I spotted the 1st trap. It’s the one that had the racoon’s foot in it. The long stake attached to it took me about 20 minutes to dig up. I was nervous that I was gonna get caught so I got the dogs …

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