Apr 19

Retired FBI Agent’s First Novel Shows It Is Not Only Our Enemies Who Betray Us . . .

Press Office note: The whole book is based on a lie; this so-called FBI agent never infiltrated the ALF, but posed as an animal rights campaigner for a year or two before being called out by activists. That’s it. Fortunately, no activist ever really suffered from her largely incompetent efforts, but she is no less the …

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Apr 19

Collateral damage: An Eco-Extremist Defense of Indiscriminate Violence

Filoso texto de “Chahta-Ima”, afirmando su sólido posicionamiento eco-extremista, y criticando duramente la moral cristiana de los radicales politicamente correctos que se oponen a la violencia indiscriminada. Merely being an eco-extremist propagandist, I am forced to pay attention to reactions of anarchist and leftist readers to the actions of ITS and other eco-extremist groups. The …

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Apr 12

“Green Scare” Prisoner Rebecca Rubin Freed from Prison

Rebecca Rubin was released from prison in April 2016. In January 2014, Rebecca was sentenced to five years in prison for her role in extra-legal actions to target animal and environmental abuses. “Green Scare” Defendants The term “Green Scare,” alluding to the Red Scare of the 1940s and ’50s, refers to legal and extralegal actions taken by …

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Mar 29

Imprisoned Fox Freed, Structure Torched in Klein Schneen, Germany

The ALF freed a fox from a hunting dog training facility in Klein Schneen on March 26. A structure was also set on fire. The activists wrote, “The members of the club should expect that we will continue to watch them. We urge them to immediately announce the closure of the facility so that no …

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Mar 28

New Prison Photos of Marius Mason

Recently, Marius was able to receive visits from friends and family.  Above is Marius with his two children, Ari and Andre.  Below is Marius with long-time friends David and Peter. If you knew Marius previous to his arrest you may be eligible to visit! Please contact Marius’ support group to find out more: supportmariusmason@riseup.net

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