ALF Vandalize Hunters’ Building (Bollate, Italy)

According to local press, a hunting meet up and storage building belonging to the Italian Hunting Federation was vandalized by animal rights activists, who destroyed furniture, broke equipment and painted the walls with slogans like “You are the violent ones” and “ALF”. Silvia Scurati, the regional representative for the Hunting League said that the action …

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Animal Liberation Prisoner of the Month: Ladislav Kuc

Ladislav (Laco) Kuc is caged in the country of Slovakia for animal liberation activities a decade ago; he has only 17 months left to serve of a 12-year sentence for the attempted destruction of a McDonalds restaurant. Laco loves to get letters, as he is locked in his cell for 23 out of every 24 …

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Activists Vandalize Fishing Shop in Gothenburg (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Fish feel pain too! Vandalizing a Sport Fishing shop in Gothenburg, Sweden spring 2022. Find another hobby.

MBR Beagle Transporter Impex Sabotaged (UK)

Received anonymously: Impex, a known transport company for laboratory animals around Europe, was visited by activists on the night of the 25th of July. Windows were smashed and paint was thrown over the walls. Free The MBR Beagles originally found the scene during a morning demo the day after: Public’s anger at Impex in the not …

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50 Hens Liberated in Midlands (UK)

Received anonymously: We headed across the field with carriers, straight to the barns. The farmhouse still had a light on so we kept a lookout there, while one of us crawled under the conveyor bels to open the barn door from the inside. As we entered, the smell through our masks of shit and ammonia …

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ALF Liberates 42 Hens (Belgium)

Received anonymously: A.L.F.Belgium Saturday 23.07.2022. in the night The A.L.F. Saves 42 hens from an intensive farm Love Is Liberation

ALF Liberates 8 Rabbits (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: The A.L.F. Netherlands Love is liberation love is saves animals

ALF Liberates 35 Hens (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium The A.L.F. saves in the night from 08.07.22 >35 hens < from an intensive farm.

Hunting Towers Destroyed (Germany)


An Extreme Voice from the Past Resurfaces

Dr. Jerry Vlasak, Who Has Repeatedly Proposed Killing Scientists, Seeks to Inspire the Next Generation of Animal Activists July 15, 2022 Americans for Medical Progress (Front Group for Vivisectors) Animal rights extremist Dr. Jerry Vlasak resurfaced earlier this summer  to take part in a workshop hosted by Animal Activism Mentorship (AAM), a group which seeks …

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ALF Liberates 13 Hens (Luxembourg)

Received anonymously: A.L.F. 26.06.2022 Luxembourg 2 member of the Animal Liberation Front saves 13 hens from an intensive farm

Hunting Towers Destroyed (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously: In a few days/weeks/months (take your pick) were those who kill our brothers and sisters for their stupid fun vandalized! We will for sure continue in our actions!

ALF Sabotage at Butcher and Ice Cream Parlor (UK)

According to local media, Sandy Park Butchers and Tarr’s Ice Cream Parlour were attacked by the ALF, smashing the windows of both shops as well as spray painting “ALF” and “GO VEGAN”. Mr Tarr told the local papers he had to stop production for the day and open a lot later as they had to …

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ALF Liberates 2 Dogs (Italy)

Received anonymously: ENG: They lived chained and locked up inside a rusty cage, surrounded by faeces and in shameful conditions. The ALF has liberated two tethered dogs in Veneto (Italy). Now they will have a life of freedom away from exploitation. SPA: Recibido anónimamente: Vivían encadenados y confinados dentro de una jaula oxidada, entre excrementos …

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ALF Liberates 35 Hens (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium The A.L.F.saves in the night from 08.07.22 >35 hens < from an intensive farm.