Mink Farm in Italy Destroyed by Fire (Rio San Martino)

Received anonymously: On the night of September 12, fire destroyed an office and warehouse at a mink farm in Rio San Martino (Scorzé). No animals were harmed. The farmer estimated damages at 300,000 Euros. A van at the farm was set on fire in July 2017, and thousands of mink were freed from cages at the …

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How It Was Done – The A.L.F. raid at Worldwide Primates

10 Years Ago: In September 2008, the Animal Liberation Front freed monkeys from cages at the Worldwide Primates holding/breeding facility in Miami. It was an action that was never covered by the news media. Read the original claim of responsibility here. Smash HLS has received, anonymously, the following story about the raid. We are publishing it …

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Fur Farm in Hjo, Sweden Closes After Raid

Three weeks after thousands of mink were released from cages at his fur farm in Hjo, Sweden, Knut Indebetou has decided to close the farm. “It’s not worth the effort,” he explained. Indebetou has been the target of activists for several years. http://www.landlantbruk.se/lantbruk/det-finns-ingen-lonsamhet-for-mink/  (In Swedish)

3 Hunting Towers in Wisconsin Destroyed

Received anonymously: On the early morning of september 4th, right before the day hunting season started, 3 hunting towers in northern wisconsin were destroyed. There is nothing like tearing down those towers, especially the tall one that crashed down, damaging all its windows and everything we heard inside. While you were all sleeping, we were …

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20 Rabbits Liberated (Belgium)

Received anonymously from frentedeliberacionanimal.net: 20 rabbits who were destined for slaughter for consumption were freed. Now they will live a life in freedom away from exploitation and death.

9 More Turkeys Liberated by ALF in UK

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Second Hit on turkey farm by ALF cell FAM964. A team of 7 activists rescued 9 medium-sized turkeys (much bigger since the 1st hit) and transported them to their 2 forever homes. ‘We have an ethical duty to protect the innocent and the vulnerable. We uphold this duty by carrying out …

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ALF Targets Pigeon Hunters in Spain

Received anonymously: On the night of August 30, the Animal Liberation Front targeted pigeon hunters in the town of Añorbe (Navarre). Six hunting towers were destroyed, and a house used by hunters was ransacked. Windows were broken and “Animal Liberation Front” painted on the wall.

1 Dolphin, Hundreds Of Other Animals Trapped In Closed Aquarium

Urgent Action needed!! Honey the Dolphin plus Hundreds Of Other Animals Trapped In Closed Aquarium in Japan Honey the dolphin is reportedly isolated, sunburnt, and showing signs of mental distress Hundreds of sea animals are currently trapped in a Japanese aquarium that’s been closed for months, say local animal rights groups. One dolphin, 46 penguins, …

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50 Chickens Liberated from Farm in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Received anonymously from frentedeliberacionanimal.net (click here and here for videos from the action): Seven activists entered a poultry farm in Buenos Aires and freed 50 chickens whose fate would be murder after completing their cycle of exploitation by the egg industry. 20,000 of them remain there and millions will continue to be exploited and killed to sustain human demand. Free your …

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Vivisection Laboratory Burned by Activists (Chile)

  Translation of an anonymous report on frentedeliberacionanimal.net (click here for video from the action): We claim the incendiary attack on the UMCE’s animal facility. First, we want to make some points clear. 1. This action was aimed at destroying and making uninhabitable a building that is used to torture, abuse and experiment on animals. A place that on …

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Hunting Websites Hacked

Received anonymously: The sites for hunting safaris www.balla-balla.com and www.mashambanzousafaris.com have been hacked and erased. Animal Liberation has no borders balla balla safaris ==> Zambia – South Africa Bow Hunting & Rifle Hunting Mashambanzou Safaris ==> Mozambique Rifle Hunting

Bears liberated from ‘torture cages’ in Vietnam after 21 years

(MENAFN – Asia Times) Five moon bears that had been held captive for 21 years in southern Vietnam were rescued in a recent operation by an animal rights’ group. Animals Asia, a global non-government organization, rescued the five bears from a bile farm in My Tho in the Mekong Delta, according to tweets on its …

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3 Butcher Shops Attacked (France)

During the night of September 1-2, “Stop Speciesism” was painted on a butcher shop in Épinay-sur-Orge (Essonne) and its front window was broken. Windows were broken, and the same slogan painted, at two butcher shops in Fontenay-sous-Bois during the night of August 28-29.

Animal Liberation Front Founder Proposes New Definition Of Veganism

The campaigner wants to see a moral imperative to educate others about animal exploitation Two animal rights activists are calling for a new definition of veganism to be implemented across the board. Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Founder Ronnie Lee and campaigner Tony Harris created the new definition – which includes a moral imperative to educate …

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New Publication: 18 Theses on Marxism and Animal Liberation

Dear comrades, dear colleagues and friends, we’re very happy to announce that our text “18 Theses on Marxism and Animal Liberation” is now published both online on facebook  (http://ogy.de/fwc6) and in PDF format (http://ogy.de/h1lv). It is the English translation of a text we first published in German in 2017. It aims at showing the common …

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