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Open Rescue of 13 Chicks in Czech Republic

Open rescue XXVI (March 2016) & Support Keith Mann Few halls, gatehouse and old Škoda in front of it. Few halls and 180 000 pullets inside. So many crippled lives. The night is dark and chilly. Sentry gives us a go. We follow the fence. Slowly, quietly. Once inside amidst cages, we light up our …

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Over 100 Hens Liberated in UK

received anonymously: Over 100 hens were liberated during an action last week. The conditions were so horrendous that some were almost completely bald. Now their feet touch grass and they can see the sunshine. These liberations are dedicated to Marion, who recently passed. A friend to many, an inspiration to even more.

37 Chickens Liberated in Southern France

On Saturday, January 30, 2016, vegan activists freed 37 hens and roosters from a farm in southern France. The animals are safe. V.A French: Le Samedi 30 Février 2016, des activistes véganes ont libéré 37 poules et coqs d’un élevage du Sud de la France. Les animaux sont en sécurité. V.A

Open Rescue of Ducks in Czech Republic

Received anonymously (click here for more photos from the rescue): Open rescue XXV. (January 2016) One chilly night we climbed over a wall of one of many concentration camps. It consists of a slaughterhouse and several sheds with animals. Few steps, little bit of time at the door and we are in one of those …

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Italy – Liberation of Ducks Used as Live Decoys

Received Anonymously Some bastard hunters held captive live ducks inside tiny cages in the water. These were intended to attract other ducks, which the killers would shoot with impunity and in a cowardly manner hidden inside a shed. These beautiful animals were released into a pond inside a nature park where it is forbidden to …

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Hunt Retribution Squad Active in County Meath, Ireland

Received anonymously A disruption of toilet facilities at the Pillo Hotel in County Meath was carried out due to the hotels support for the hunting revellers after the Ward Union Hunt Ball. The ball was held at the Pillo last year but not this year, however a special hotel bed rate was offered to the …

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Argentina – Two Birds Released in Buenos Aires

Received Anonymously Each life is important and unique. A common form of entertainment for the speciesist is to have the precious animals as an ornament, or as a reminder of the logic of their enclosure. That’s how we saw two birds in a house in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and we did not hesitate …

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Window Smashed on Hunter’s Car (Italy)

anonymous report: “Rome – action against a hunter On Christmas Eve we discovered a hunter while we was parking his car after his hunting day. We waited until he got himself into his house and we broke the glass of his Suv. Unfortunately the presence of a police car prevented us to do more damage …

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Fur Shop, Butcher Shop Vandalized (Italy)

anonymous report: “We were on the first of last November, it was the vegan day, in the night before the All Souls’ day. But we have nothing to celebrate, we have only something to revenge and we have someone’s death to remember. Because of this we visit a furshop, leaving there a clear and present …

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Fur Shop Sabotaged in Bilbao, Spain

Received anonymously Past saturday night 19th december, Ramon Ezquerra’s fur shop (Bilbao) was attacked by a group of animal rights activists using acid on glass, spraying the shop and surrounding walls in red, slogans like ‘Asesinos’ (Murderers), ‘Larrua Hilketa Da’ (Fur is Murder), ‘Feliz Navidad Asesinos’ (Happy Christmas Murderers) and blocking the lock with a …

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Argentina – Liberation of Rabbits and Sabotage at National University of La Plata

Received Anonymously On the campus where the college of agriculture is, there is an experimental farm which has goats, pigs and rabbits. These are for sale, using the reproductive systems of the animals as a business, by manipulating certain males and females for years as machines of reproduction. The offspring are sold both living and …

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Norwegian Whaling Ship Sunk

Communiqué from Agenda 21 activists Date: August 30, 2007 Institution targeted: Norwegian Whaling Ship Received anonymously Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands, Norway On the night of august 30th we decided to celebrate the end of commercial whaling in Iceland by removing a large section of cooling pipe in the engine room of the norwegian whaler “Willassen Senior”. …

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Hundreds of Animals Liberated by the Italian ALF

Communiqué from ALF activists Date: December 5, 2006 Institution targeted: Harlan Italy translated version of the communiqué issued by the Fronte Liberazione Animale (FLA). Some buildings may seem like they are impossible to raid, but only a few really are. Harlan Italy is one of these buildings – full of alarms and security cameras in …

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Oxford University Threatened Over New Lab

Communiqué from ALF activists Date: February 2, 2006 Institution targeted: Oxford University From the United Kingdom This is just the beginning of our campaign of devastation against ANYONE linked in ANY way to Oxford University. Every individual and business that works for the University as a whole is now a major target of the ALF. …

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28 Beagles Liberated from University of Madrid Vivisection

Communiqué from ALF activists Date: January 13, 2006 Institution targeted: Independent University of Madrid Our celebration of the New Year was something different from the normal thing. A few hours after the year began, we were in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Independent University of Madrid, about 400 meters from Moncloa, where Spanish …

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