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More ALF/ELF Actions in Santiago (Chile)

Received anonymously, from (translation): Santiago, Chile: Announcement of ALF and ELF actions We took to the streets to spread respect for the animals and for the beautiful earth. Today animals are used and/or die for business/the consumption of a lazy society. While the earth is devastated for the benefit of the tycoons of a …

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Livestock-Food Trucks Destroyed (France)

Received anonymously, from Indymedia Nantes (translated by Act for freedom now!): Rennes: 5 less trucks… On the night of Sunday to Monday, trucks were targeted on the site of the company ‘vegam – vern foods’ which produces food for livestock. This company was attacked because it’s a cog in animal exploitation and also the domestication of the living. …

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ALF/ELF Actions in Chile

Received anonymously, from (translation): Valdivia, Chile: Announcement of actions by the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front Third Communique. From the region of Los Ríos, Valdivia and other localities, we continue to propagate anti-authoritarian action for animals and the earth, as well as in the living memory of those who are no …

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8 Rabbits Liberated in Santiago (Chile)

Received anonymously (translation): 8 beautiful rabbits were rescued on Monday, March 5 in Santiago, Chile. These beautiful rabbits are now in a very good environment and receiving the best treatment for this next stage, where their lives will no longer be in the hands of cruel humans, who were sabotaged by this new and great …

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Calf Rescued from Meat Seller in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Received anonymously, from A calf was rescued from a meat seller on March 6 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now he has a name, he is called Barry, and he will spend his days free from any form of explotation. Spanish: Ternero rescatado de un vendedor de carne el 6 de marzo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. …

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Hunting Cabin Destroyed (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, a hunting cabin was destroyed in Pontirolo (Bergamo) during the night of March 8-9.

16 Guinea Pigs Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: 4th March, UK 16 Guinea pigs liberated. Kept in horrendous conditions, covered in mites and some injured. Bred to be eaten.

Philippine Pig Farm Spray Painted

Received anonymously: March 17, 2018 Philippines On the 17th of March, a message that says ‘INNOCENT BEINGS SUFFER AND DIE HERE!’ was spray-painted on the front gate of an unidentified pig farm in the Philippines that has been existing for years now. Local residents refuse to do something or at least complain despite the unnecessary …

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Poultry Farm Targeted by ALF (Switzerland)

Received anonymously: This week, we have decorated the headquarters of the swiss egg and chicken production: the villa at Burgerweg 22, 3052 Zollikofen (near the capital, Bern). This villa houses the swiss Association of egg producers GalloSuisse, the magazine of the swiss poultry producers, a federal research institute for poultry, as well as AviForum, a …

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Hunter Vehicles Sabotaged by ALF (Germany)

Received anonymously, from Windows smashed, car tyres slashed, electronic devices stolen and documents retrieved. In Hambacher Forst the fight continues. RWE’s Inogy department has a business working for them. They have spent some time mapping the trees and where the bats, birds and mice live to make it easier to kick them out of the …

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More Hunting Towers Toppled (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Taught a friend how to destroy hunting towers, my friend has 17 more to find! These where also super fancy but took only 4 min to destroy.

Hunting Towers Toppled (Sweden)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: Multiple hunting towers destroyed/knocked over. UNTIL EVERY CAGE IS EMPTY. UNTIL EVERY ANIMAL IS FREE

Two Lambs Liberated (UK) in Solidarity with Animal Liberation Prisoner Sven van Hasselt

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: On the 10th of march we liberated two lambs from horrible conditions. They lived around ill sheep awaiting for slaughter. Now they will live a life of freedom away from exploitation and death. We want to show solidarity to Sven, locked up in prison under made up laws to stop the …

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Slogans Painted at Factory Farm

On the evening of February 25-26, “Warning! No New Factory Farm”, “Until All Are Free” and other messages were painted on the walls of a buildling at a chicken farm in Klein Solschen (Lower Saxony) that is planning to expand.

Butcher Shop Locks Glued (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Received anonymously (translation): buenos aires argentina I claim the sealing of locks of multiple butcher shops and other businesses that profit at the expense of animal exploitation. it is a simple action that anyone can do and harms the horrific dynamics of the merchants of death, come on! Leave the vegan passivity aside and let’s …

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