16 Turkeys Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously:

It’s that time of year again…

Under the cover of darkness we arrived at a farm known to have Turkeys on site. Turkeys destined for someone’s christmas dinner… no fucking way, not on our watch.

After seeking out 16 homes for our feathery friends, we crossed two fields towards to the enclosure where they were kept, stopping only to hide when an upstairs light on the farm house went on. One human remained on lookout whilst the rest packed 16 turkeys into the carriers. They were stubborn and larger than we anticipated, these were fast growers and had already put on a load of weight since we checked out the site before.

Once we were fully loaded, we struggled across the two fields with full crates and arms full of turkeys. This was slower than our way in and our presence was enough to alert the cows in the field. Loud moo-ing and alarms calls soon followed. Lights came on in the buildings nearby. Our only thought at this point could be getting these birds to safety, like hell were we getting caught and having them taken back.
Thankfully, we made it. All 16 will live full, happy lives.

Now is the time for turkey rescue, before it’s too late!