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ALF Destroys 7 Hunting Towers in Kiel (Germany)

According to an anonymous report on, on Sunday, March 19, the ALF destroyed seven hunting towers in Kiel (Schleswig-Holstein), Germany.

53 Hens Rescued from Spanish “Farm”

reported by the Colectivo Abolicionista Antiespecista (translation); click here for more photos from the rescue: RESCUE OF 53 ANIMALS FROM ONE OF THE LARGEST BIRD FARMS IN SPAIN In the early morning hours of February 26, sympathizers of the Antispeciesist Abolitionist Collective carried out a rescue of 53 hens from inside one of the largest …

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5 Lambs Liberated in Spain (Delayed Report)

Received anonymously: From (translation): The rescue took place in Spain on November 27, by an activist who acts alone, the night before being transferred to the fattening area. The rescuer walked for more than 10km with them in his arms. They received care and medical attention. The 5 lambs were saved from a sad …

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ALF Liberates 50 Ducks from Northwest UK Factory Farm

received anonymously: Saturday 4th March, North West UK, ALF liberates 50 ducks from a factory farm. Eight days old ducks liberated from factory farm in the North West, UK. Upon arrival, many showed burned skin and loss of feathers, probably due to the lack of humidity in the sheds and the 24hrs cycle of light …

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Hundreds of Mink Liberated in Italy (Delayed Report)

Received anonymously: During the night of November 21, 2016, hundreds of mink were freed from cages at a fur farm in San Marco (Ravenna). The activists wrote, “The mink know that the executioner is set to arrive with the gas, but they also know that, with the noise of cages breaking, one jump leads out …

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ALF Sweden Liberates 60 Chickens

Received anonymously; click here for video from the action: *60 chickens liberated by Djurens Befrielsefront / ALF SWEDEN from a chicken farm in West Sweden. Now they will get love and live in freedom for the rest of their life. * *Chickens are arguably the most abused animals on the planet. Billions of chickens are …

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ALF Destroys 19 Hunting Towers in Compiegne (France)

Received anonymously, from la Terre d’abord! (translation): During the night of 17 to 18 February 2017, 19 hunting towers were neutralized in the forest of Compiègne, Oise (10 in lot 11, 9 in lot 6). The shooting hunters, dog hunters and the NFB are jointly responsible for the destruction of nature and the mass murder …

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FLA(ALF) Posts Graffiti on Walls in Santiago (Chile)

Received anonymously, from contra info (translation): February 21, on the outskirts of Santiago: A cell of the FLA graffitied the walls of the streets with messages of solidarity and antispeciesism, locked up a meat market with chains and locks and deposited a noise bomb in front of a place that sells animals as food (1). …

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Fur and Leather Shops Painted in Lausanne (Switzerland)

Received anonymously: 8 February 2017: “Murderers” painted on five different fur and leather shops in Lausanne, Switzerland.  

13 Chickens Liberated in Manchester (UK)

Received anonymously: 13 Broiler Chickens liberated from crates outside a slaughterhouse in Greater Manchester on 9/1/17 under the nose of workers and taken to a new home. 4 Broiler Chickens liberated from crates outside the same slaughterhouse and taken to new homes on 2/2/17

25 Chickens Liberated in Southeast UK

Received anonymously: January, 2017 25 chickens were rescued from a poultry farm in the South East UK. The chicks, not older than 40 days, had endured extensive 22 hours of light per day to maximise growth. The night before they were transported to slaughter, 25 comrades were rescued and taken to safe homes. Slogans were …

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Alberta, Canada Pet Store Vandalized

The owner of the Animal House pet store in Okotoks, Alberta said it will close following vandalism during the night of January 19. The store has been the target of protests, and there have been numerous reports of the store selling sick puppies.  

14 (More) Rabbits Liberated in Italy

anonymous report, from (translation); click here for video of the rescued rabbits: On the night of January 13, the animal liberation front rescued 14 rabbits, a hen and a rooster from a farm in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, Italy. They have been taken to a safe place where they were then released. …

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Caged Dogs Rescued by ALF in Italy

Received anonymously: On December 24 in the province of Perugia we wanted to celebrate Christmas in a different way, as we all should do, we wanted to restore freedom and dignity to two poor innocent creatures. Tired of keeping them, or for some reason, the Master had them locked up in cages completely forgetting them, …

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Animal Abusers Targeted in France

In recent weeks, animal-exploiting businesses in Bordeaux have been vandalized with graffiti: “Life is not a product to consume,” “Meat is Murder” and other messages were painted on fast-food restaurants, “Open the Cages” and “Animal Liberation” were painted on a delicatessen, and “Murderers” was painted on two butch er shops.