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Home Visit to Vice-president of Wachovia for Connection to GSK / HLS

Communiqué from ALF activists Date: March 10, 2007 Institution targeted: Wachovia Securities (HLS Investor) Received anonymously On the early morning of March 6 the ALF visited the home of Jason Bratt, xxxx Southeast Viquil Street, Portland, Oregon. The phrase “Drop SSK” were painted on his garage door and the letters ALF were scrawled across the …

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LAAS Public Information Officer Jackie David House Painted, Cars Stripped

Communiqué from the ALF Date Received: December 27, 2004 Institution Targeted: LA Animal Services received anonymously: J. David was paid a visit by the animal liberation front in the early morning hours of xmas eve this action was done on behalf of thousands of helpless animals killed by David because she does not do her …

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