Write to Swedish Detained Animal Liberation Activist Sindre


Sindre has been granted longer leaves from detention and is sometimes sleeping at home now. He is still serving his sentence, which does not have a final date and psych hospital has the last word on when Sindre is done serving a sentence that without the mental hospital would’ve been a four month prison sentence. Please write a letter to Sindre today and send him love!

Sindre is an animal rights activist, 21 years old, from so-called Sweden. Sindre is a kind and respected comrade in the animal rights community, who has fought against animal abusers in various ways.

In October 2023, Sindre was sentenced to forensic psychiatric forced care. The verdict refers to prosecution for actions in 2021, against the former fur farmer Niklas Pettersson. Sindre denies the alleged crime. Sindre was also sentenced to pay SEK 10,000 in damages to Niklas. The sentence was appealed, but later in 2023 The Court of Appeal upheld the verdict. If Sindre had not been sentenced to forensic psychiatric care, his prison sentence would have been only four months.

Sindre was detained immediately after the trial, on the ninth of October, and has since been imprisoned without an end date. A horrible sentence!

Support Sindre!

Help him endure behind bars, let him know he’s not alone. Send letters to the following address:

Sindre Annasson Persson
Rudolf Jonassons väg 25B
24136 Eslöv