Underground Badger Syndicate Liberates Mutilated Bird, Sabotages Hunt (UK)

{editor’s note: Over the past month, UBS has been reporting on their actions against a shoot that mutilated a bird used as a decoy in a trap. We have compiled the reports below}

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21st May, UK


A particularly nasty scumbag deserves a particularly excessive response. The poor excuse of a human who owned this Larsen before we went to town with it had mutilated a decoy crow so much it was difficult to even tell the age of the bird. All wing and tail feathers had been clipped, with obvious blood dry around the wings, showing how botched the procedure had been.

The crow is now being rehabbed by fantastic people who will ensure the bird grows strong and confident and is released back into the wild when they are ready.

The Larsen is now fairly sad. We don’t think it appreciated meeting the blunt force of a sledgehammer.

The extremely unnecessary use of a sledgehammer to bash a Larsen is nothing but a humble homage to the hilariously excessive video of Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs bashing mole traps with the same tool, but to be honest we think it’d be cute if the Sledgehammer Challenge took off. Make it a trend

Go upset a hunter somewhere.


27th May, UK

////What happens when we find a particularly scummy keeper, Part1/x)////

Imagine believing that as a gamekeeper you take part on conservation work, that you are helping the wildlife thrive and that you are on the side of nature.

You then set larsen traps to kill corvids and do not have enough with the murder of birds that have done nothing to you, you also decide the best way to do so is by mutilating your ‘decoy’ this much.

Make no mistake, wing clipping is cruel in every single case. There are not “good ways” of clipping someone’s wings. But this excruciatingly botched surgery might’ve costed the life of this individual that was just curious about the eggs you had baited your larsen with.

We know they are in the best hands possible and we will see how they evolve. Regardless of their prognosis, we will make this keeper pay for the suffering he has caused to so many.

Keep your eyes peeled, we have a lot to show you.”


3rd June, UK

////What happens when we find a particularly scummy keeper, (Part 2/x)////

We told you about the bird with horribly clipped wings last week, and we said we would ensure to torment the keeper that did such a barbarity.

Well, we’ve been paying multiple visits to his land, which means we are making him sad on a regular basis.

This time, it is just a larsen that sat awaiting for us in his garage, the door locked shut was not an issue when his window was luckily broken when we arrived!

It was quite a funny image to walk down the footpath with a larsen under the arm a sunny sunday afternoon, having to say hello to more than one random walker.

We are not done with this keeper, by the end of the trapping season he is going to wish he took that job offer down in Kent!


16th June, UK


Did you think we were done with the scumbag keeper who mutilated that crow? We were not. Accessing their garage through a miraculously broken window was not enough, stealing another Larsen was not enough, we needed to send the message, and so we did.

Three seats, three larsens, a ladder trap, a big bunch of Fenn traps and a fox cage later, we think we have let them know they are being watched.

They will likely feel the burn knowing that the fox trap they had set inside their walled garden is gone, shocking when it was ever so close to the posh twats bedroom! They will also be unimpressed having lost the ladder trap they hid inside one of their cow farms when they realised we were onto them.

There is fucking nowhere to hide when you have been found to be pure scum on the crust of this earth. We will search for you, we will destroy all your shit and we will ensure your life is more miserable by the day.

Think twice before mutilating birds again.

No justice, just rage.