Stahl Fur Farm in Sunbury, Pennsylvania Raided, Thousands of Mink Liberated (USA)

Received anonymously:

dear mink murderer stahl, fur commission secretary:

i saw your mink prison recently and was not impressed. you have dozens of sheds but so many are falling apart. thankfully your operation seems to have gotten smaller over the years. when will you learn that animal abuse isn’t worth it?
people like me will continue to visit you at 4130 pennsylvania 890 sunbury, pa 17801, which i found on a recent communique on inspired me to visit, document what was happening, and liberate as many mink as possible. people need to see the filthy & cramped conditions where these territorial & genetically wild animals are kept up to four in a single cage. and the joy that is possible when they experience freedom.
when the cage latches were opened the mink jumped out to experience their first steps in grass and mud. i hope most have escaped to freedom and no more animals are ever imprisoned and slaughtered here again. whatever happened after i left i hope it was expensive.

the fur industry is hurting. great. profits are already at record lows and we can make it cost more than ever to continue breeding animals to steal their fur.