Fox Farms in the USA

An anonymous submission to Unsalted CounterInfo leaked a list of smallholding fox fur farms in the USA:

An estimated 25 to 50 fox farms remain in the United States. These are a few of the backyard operations confining and killing foxes, a genetically wild species native to North America:

Schmuecker Fox Farm
7796 15th Avenue Trail
Luzerne, IA 52257

Price Fox Farm
4850 Highway 141
Norris City, IL 62869

Natural Fibers (Joe & Marie McFadden)
17519 L Drive S
Marshall, MI 49068

Fox Haven (James & Judith Brown)
1806 E Hinchman Road
Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Matthew Kieffer Fox Farm
6896 Partridge Road
Pierz, MN 56364

Coats of Many Colors Fox Ranch (Jean Glass)
37493 378th Street
Richville, MN 56576

Fredrick Halvorson
39306 Highway 52
Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Mid-Missouri Fox Farm (David W. Moyer)
12640 Derstler Road
Richmond, MO 64085

Sky Dog Ranch (Sky & Eileen Halsey)
6913 US Highway 12
Martinsdale, MT 59053

John and Peggy Smeal
963 County Road F
Scribner, NE 68057

Circle R Fox Ranch (William Ridenour)
1895 Riggle Road
Bellville, OH 44813

Grand River Fur Exchange (Mark Gutman)
6310 US Highway 6
Rome, OH 44085
Fox farm & urine farm (urine is collected from captive coyotes and foxes to create lures for trappers.)”

With so much ramping up against fur farming, how much longer does the fur industry have before it collapses? What are the most important targets that would bring it down? What is the critical infrastructure that upholds the fur industry, and how can you fight to send it into oblivion?

Fight back!