Banner Hung at MaxMara in Piazza Umberto Giordano Square (Italy)

Received anonymously:

Banner with painted writing “No alle pellicce – No to fur” hung and tied in front of the Max Mara store MaMa ( in Piazza Umberto Giordano square.

Max Mara is still one of the biggest offenders when it comes to fur and only recently the activist scene in Italy has picked up the fight against the cruelty of this fashion brand.

It is also the country where activists should strike harder since Italy is the Maramotti family’s home. Let it be known and made clear that exploiting animals for fashion is not a welcome practice, not even in their own turf.

A reminder that any form of activism in any city, not just the big ones like Milano and Bologna, is important to spread the message and intimidate Max Mara. A simple blanket, some paint and zip-ties can help decorate their shopping windows for citizens to see before opening times.

Be relentless, be dedicated to the cause.

Animal liberation is for the victims of this system, not to inflate anyone’s ego or wallet.

Until every cage is empty.