20 Hens Liberated from Egg Farm (UK)

Received anonymously:

We took action in the middle of the night to save as many lives as we could carry. Scummy egg farmers confine tens of thousands of hens into sheds filled with faeces and rotting dead birds and they get away with it. We targeted a free-range farm that was no better standards than any other indoor farms we’ve seen footage of.

We walked stealthily under the moonlight, concealing what we would carry these 20 hens to their safety in. After looking out to make sure that the farmer was tucked away in bed, we moved in. We crawled into the shed. The floor was laden with shit, feathers and smashed eggs. This is all these birds have ever known. Overwhelming noises and smells. Never being given bedding material.

We gently lifted the hens one by one knowing that we could only carry so many. 20 beautiful hens were saved but we had to leave behind tens of thousands to rot in an industry that doesn’t give a shit about their well-being or rights.

What next? If you are reading this, get out there and take action! Go liberate animals from being imprisoned. Go smash what you can and tear down anything that will fuck with this oppressive system.

This liberation is in solidarity with all animals who are being exploited whilst we live in this speciesist world.